Friday, January 31, 2014

New DoubleTalker Headset System from Falcon Wireless!

Yep, that's Candice modeling one of our newest products.  Looks like a headset doesn't it?  Well it's a whole lot more than that!  This is the thing that you wear on your head as a part of the DoubleTalker system.  Not only does it protect the hearing of firefighters, but it can potentially lower insurance rates, and keep fire departments out of court!

It's not just any old headset.   DoubleTaker can provide wireless connection through an associated mobile radio to allow the wearer to talk back to dispatch with the full power of a mobile at distances of up to ONE MILE away from the fire truck!  It works with VHF, UHF, 700 or 800 MHz mobile radios; analog or digital - makes no difference!

Two models are available.  One can operate on up to 16 VHF channels, the other on UHF. The price is right - just $398 per headset INCLUDING the radio.  The truck unit just plugs into the accessory connector of the associated mobile radio (not included unless you want us to provide the mobile, which we will gladly do if you wish).

The truck unit requires no installation or special setup.  No external antenna, no programming, no electrical connection - nothing except plugging it in.  The price is right - Just $695 complete.  AND, we are offering a special introductory price to make the offer even better!  Additional information is available by clicking here!