Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Message for Alabama Hospitals

Today is the last day to get your request in for reimbursement from the Alabama Hospital Association (AHA) for installation of amateur radio transceivers. As you know, all hospitals providing acute care services are eligible to receive free amateur radio transceivers to maintain contact with Ham radio operators in times of extreme disaster. If you haven't already applied for the free equipment, contact Linda Ray at AHA.

If you need pricing for providing antennas, installation, and training, we can provide this service for $1,500. Antennas and services are not included as a part of the radio grant, but may be reimbursable if you submit your estimated cost TODAY, July 31, 2009.

For additional information, give me a call personally at 205.202.1269.

By the way, if you need some good personal 2-way radios at a great price, please see our EMS web page at in the "What's New" section.

Burch Falkner
At your service!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New personal phone number for Burch Falkner

I have too many phones! I have home phones, office phones, home office phones, cell phones and I never seem to be available for those trying to get in touch with me. I may not be at home when my home number is called. I may have left my Blackberry in the car or on the desk since it's too big to wear. I may not be where you think I am, and the list goes on. Now, you can dial one number, 205-202-1269 and ALL my phones ring at once! I've got voice mail with text conversion to email and it doesn't cost me one red cent!

It's called Google Voice. You can learn more about this service at For now, you may want to make a note of my new personal phone number. This office number is still the same, but if you need me personally, use 205.202.1269. It's the only number you need. Better yet, YOU can have a Google Voice number too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New school bus camera system is just $875!

School bus camera systems pay for themselves by providing a strong deterrent to assault and violence as well as providing the necessary evidence for reducing litigation costs. Safety for both the students and drivers is enhanced to provide a win-win situation for all concerned.

The latest camera systems record activity using efficient and affordable Smart Memory Cards. A simple single camera system is now available for just $875. A two camera system is only slightly more and you can even add GPS to monitor driver activity.

For all the details, check out You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mobile surveillance simplified!

In the good old days, maintaining surveillance on bait cars and drug dealer vehicles meant many hours of watching and waiting - a terrible waste of manpower. Today, SlapNGo can do the job for you! You can go about your business as usual. When the vehicle under surveillance moves, you are notified by phone or email. You can then monitor vehicle travel from any Internet connected PC. If you miss the doughnuts, we'll send you a dozen with your first order! Additional information is available at or just give us a call at 800.489.2611.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New low priced radios announced!

Two new radios.......

especially well suited for church, hospital, school and logistical use are now available from Falcon Direct - the TC-320 and the TC-518! Both radios offer 16 channel capability to allow you to separate user groups. One of our school system users developed a system setup based on five usable channels that you may find to be of interest. Additional information is available at The TC-320 is priced at UNDER $150 with free shipping and a FOUR YEAR warranty!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why did the Gardendale Police Department choose Falcon Direct?

Sometimes the bidding process works well. Sometimes it doesn't! Sometimes the bidders are all qualified and ethical. Sometimes they are not. We thought you might benefit from the story of how terribly things can go wrong for buyer and seller alike. The good news is that the story has a happy ending (at least for most of us)! Read all about it at

Monday, July 13, 2009

CVS Chooses Falcon Direct!

CVS, the largest retail pharmacy in the USA chose Falcon Direct to supply 2-way radios at their Birmingham, Alabama distribution center. They could have paid less, even from us. So the question is why wouldn't they get the best price? The fact is that they DID get the best price by getting the best VALUE! Additional information is available at

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twittering for those over 21.......

We know that all the old guys (Over 21) are having some trouble understanding this Twittering thing, especially as it relates to business. So, We have prepared a simple (at least to us) overview of Twitter and how we use it both personally, and in business. For your edification and enlightenment, We present the following:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our schools are changing!

The things that worked just a few years ago don’t work anymore! Many school systems still have no efficient way to communicate with buses and it often takes an emergency to initiate change.

An example is the Cherokee County Alabama School System. It was only a few years ago that they used cell phones to communicate with bus drivers. The problem was that drivers used the cell phones for personal use which distracted them for focusing their full attention on the transportation of their valuable cargo. Additionally, the cell phones did not work in rural areas, and then, there was the issue of continuing expense. No one thought of making any changes UNTIL a bus was fired upon in a rural area. Fortunately, there were no injuries or fatalities, but the need was clearly demonstrated that a better communications system was required! After a one time purchase expense (funded by a special appropriation through the State of Alabama), the continuing expense ended and there were no more communications problems.

More recently, portable 2-way radios have been added for administrative use in loading buses and general activities within the schools. This added capability allows administrators to communicate with staff and bus drivers as required – a significant benefit for all concerned, but one of the greatest potential benefits had yet to be discovered!

The new generation of portable radios, such as the MotoTRBO series by Motorola are ideally suited for administrative use since they have the ability to talk with drivers and staff in the normal analog mode. Additionally, they can operate in a digital encrypted mode that provides private communications between Principals, Assistant Principals, the Superintendents office and other administrative personnel.

Not only do these new radios have the ability to communicate in clear or encrypted voice, they can also operate in the text mode. Text messages can be sent to all MotoTRBO users, a select group, or even between individuals in complete privacy without disturbing others.

One of the unforeseen benefits of these dual function communicators is the ability to provide emergency communications when the regular phones are tied up (as is often the case when there are severe weather conditions). Many schools have limited telephone lines. Any type of irregularity can virtually shut down the ability for the Superintendents’s office or the Transportation Supervisor to get through to school administrators. The MotoTRBO radios used by supervisory personnel and school administrators have provided a simple and efficient solution with no associated monthly costs.

Additional information is available from Joy King of Falcon Direct at 800.489.2611 or by email to For additional information on our communications products or other services for schools, please visit

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Message

An 86 year old acquaintance was recently flown to Washington DC for a viewing of the National Memorial. All expenses were paid by local benefactors in Birmingham through the sponsorship of Honor Flight Birmingham ( It was a very special day for some very special people.

This all started in Chicago through the efforts of a single individual wishing to honor her WWII veteran dad. The program is now national and it is one of the things that makes me thankful for the people who, through small acts, do big things to honor those who gave so much to keep this country free.

For a true human interest story, appropriate for this date, please go to and click on the WGN-TV's HFC Special at the upper right hand side of the page. It is a VERY special program which we hope you will enjoy.

As for me, I think I have something in my eye.......

HAPPY JULY 4TH from all of us here at Falcon Direct!

Tough times bring great opportunities!

A recent grocery store closing cost a small Alabama City over ten thousand dollars per month in revenues – a crushing blow to the financial stability of the community! Another small city was competing for placement of a federal retirement facility in their town. The chances didn’t look good because they had no grocery store. Events like these are happening all over the USA. The question is how do you turn tough times into great opportunities?

As many of our readers know, we offer a service for municipal administrators known as the VISION Program (See The idea is to serve as a resource in a variety of ways in return for a small annual fee (generally recovered after following just ONE of our basic recommendations). One of the things we do is share ideas – kind of like an Idea Bank. As we learn of problems, we discuss them with others and often develop a beneficial solution. The sharing of this information is an example of this service.

The lack of a grocery store is not new. Rural communities were dealing with this problem long ago. One of the common solutions was the development of a community owned business, managed by a professional, and governed by a board of business leaders. These were called Cooperatives or Coops. This concept worked before and it can work again with every member of the community given the opportunity to be a part owner of an enterprise dedicated to serving and supporting its citizens. Additionally, citizens of the community can develop garden plots to sell the produce offered in the store, baked goods, and even limited meat products. In all adversity, THERE IS OPPORTUNITY!

For those that may not want to get involved with the development of a Cooperative, there are other alternatives. Do you happen to know who is the largest discount retailer in the United States by number of stores? Before you say Wal-Mart, guess again, it’s Dollar General! So why does this have to do with grocery stores in small communities? One of Dollar General’s goals is the development of the return of the small neighborhood grocery store with a full line of staple products at very affordable prices. They are called DG Markets.

Dollar General is poised for explosive growth in these difficult times with a time proven formula for retail success. As the Mayor or Administrator of a municipality, we encourage you to contact Dollar General to see if a DG Market can be built in your community. The Dollar General Market promises to be a winner. Those of you who like to invest in the stock market might want to take a hard look at this opportunity. Additional information is available at

While you are in a positive frame of mind, please check out our VISION program. A condensed overview is available at Give us a call. Put us to work! The number is 205.854.2611 or email

Do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, But through love, serve one another. Galatians 5:13.