Friday, February 27, 2015

People at their best

Some of our readers know about Police Chief Michael Kelly of Seminary, MS; one of God's special people, put here as an example for the rest of us.  Michael deals with family issues on a daily basis that are simply beyond the comprehension for most of us.  Yet, he has a great concern for his community and steps out to do extraordinary things to make his town a better and safer place for everyone.

We are proud to have served Michael in a variety of ways, one of which is the co-development of the SafeCity program.  The first phase involved church security.  Now, the second phase is being introduced to serve schools, and ultimately, the whole community. One of the truly amazing things about Michael is that he is not afraid to step out on faith as he is doing now.  

He needs $5,000. In the first 24 hours, he raised $100.  Do you think he is discouraged?  If so, you don't know Michael. Click here for more information on Michael's current project. As for me, my prayer is that one day I will have the faith, the strength, the vision, and the desire to help others, that is so evident in this very special man.  We are all blessed to be able to work with him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Attaboy Award to the New Orleans FCC Field Enforcement Office!

One of our customers, plus several others we discovered, were being interfered with by an unlicensed MotoTRBO user. The MotoTRBO user had a valid FCC license for analog operation.  Apparently his vendor forgot to remind him that moving up to digital had some legal responsibilities. Probably just an oversight huh?  Or do you think that maybe it might have been because the dealer knew that there was no way to get the system properly licensed at the power output sold due to the proximity of nearby  co-channel users.

Suffice it to say, that we found the offending licensee, contacted the FCC Field Office at 2:00 PM. By 3:00 PM the illegal user had been contacted and worked out a plan to QUICKLY resolve the issue. For all you folks that think the FCC isn't sensitive to illegal operation, let me tell you that they ARE, and they can, and will, act quickly.

If you are a MotoTRBO user, are you sure that YOUR license has been properly updated for digital operation? Guess what?  It's not your dealer's responsibility.  It's YOUR'S!  Would you like a free check to see if everything is OK with your FCC license?  Give us a call at 205.854.2611.  Who knows, maybe one day we can do some business together!  And as for you guys at the FCC office in New Orleans - Congratulations, you are the winner of the February Bouquet Award! Oh, BTW, the dealer who put this user in this position, and the trouble he caused other licensed users, and the time it took us to find the problem, YOU get the Brickbat award!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Motorola Solutions for sale?

Well now!  What do you think about this? Motorola possibly being acquired by Honeywell, General Dynamics, or other possible buyer!  Can you possibly imagine why? Wonder what the new company will be called? Maybe HoRola, or MoDynamics? Wow the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Click here for the full story. Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal