Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why do people buy P25 radios?

Why do people buy P25 radios when other radios are cheaper? Some think it's because it is the only approved interoperable standard (which happens to be a fact).  Others think it's because it is the only approved technology for Department of Homeland Security SAFECOM funding (which also happens to be true).  Still others think it's some kind of conspiracy between government and big business to force us all into doing something we don't want to do (These folks are also looking for black helicopter bases, covert government agencies, and the reason for contrails in the sky).

So - having said that - What IS the real reason for buying P25?  In a simple two word answer, IT TALKS!  Don't take our word for it!  Ask the Alabama fire department that was evaluating our solution for providing communications inside the local Wal-Mart where NOTHING worked.  We have a great little in-store repeater at an incredible price that will work with virtually any VHF or UHF radio (perhaps a subject for another time).  We set up a demo that included a pair of ICOM F9011 VHF P25 portables which uses the advanced DVSI’s AMBE+2™ vocoder.  

Long story short, these radios worked so well in the building that our in-store repeater was not required!  Essentially the same thing happened when the NY Transit Authority evaluated (and later selected) the ICOM F70D.  The F70D was chosen even though the radios will primarily be operated in the ANALOG mode (which is also true of our fire department user).  P25 radios are are ideal for both digital AND analog operation.

Would you like to prove the point for yourself?  Email AtYourService@falcondirect.com or give us a call at 205.854.2611.  You'll see (and hear) the difference - guaranteed!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Low Band 2-way Radio Dead?

We don’t think so!  Low band (30-50 MHz) still provides more range for less cost than other frequency bands including VHF, UHF, or 800 MHz.  That’s why the California Highway Patrol with over 1750 base stations, the Florida Department of Transportation with over 150 new base stations and 500+ mobiles, and both the Maryland State Police and Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services have recently expanded their low band radio systems.

What do all these users have in common?  They all chose Midland as their supplier of choice.  Why Midland?  Because of problem elimination, performance, and price!  So what do we mean by problem elimination?  Well, the biggest problem facing low band radio users, like the American National Red Cross, is the lack of cost effective, lightweight, compact portables.  Midland has a solution with the Titan Mobile Command System, a 110 watt low band mobile radio with your choice of a built in VHF or UHF cross-band repeater.

With a Titan MCS, you can use low cost VHF or UHF portable radios and talk through the 110 watt mobile ON LOW BAND!  As to performance, we’ll put the Titan up against any other low band mobile.  Better yet, put a pair of well known competitive radios on scene and see what happens.  One of them will talk – the other will not.  Not so with Titan!  ALL Titan radios talk all the time, regardless and with a three year warranty on mobiles, and five years on base stations; Midland is the most cost effective radio you can buy – period!

Want to know more?  Just give us a call, or email AtYourService@falcondirect.com. We’ll be glad to send more information.

Monday, August 23, 2010

DataBase 700 Fixed Office Station is ideal for Church, Fire Department, and School Use!

The new DataBase 700 fixed office station is available for either VHF or UHF use by Churches, Fire Departments, and Schools. The DataBase 700 fixed office station is a completely self contained 2-way radio transceiver with power supply and desk microphone at the incredibly low price of just $595 INCLUDING antenna!

The thing that makes DataBase 700 difference from other fixed office stations is it's ability to selectively signal up to 29 individual personal 2-way radios or to call all radios at the same time with an ALL CALL capability. Additionally, the DataBase 700 station displays the ID of each user by name! In the event of an emergency, users of HYT TC-700 Series radios can just push a button to call for assistance!

Speaking of the TC-700, the DataBase 700 station is fully compatible with any pager or radio using standard 2-tone receive signalling and MDC-1200 transmitter ID, but the best choice for most users with be the HYT TC-700 model portables. Additional information on these radios is available by clicking here.

Like to see a demo? Just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or send us an email to AtYourService@falcondirect.com for dates of our next Webinar on the incredible new DataBase 700 fixed office station!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Next generation wireless personal intercoms introduced by Falcon Direct

Falcon Direct is delighted to announce the availability of affordable long range personal intercoms. The new BP Series Wireless Belt Pack units provide direct, crystal clear communications for up to 1500 feet!

Two models are available - The BP5-10 is compatible with all Firecom headsets including dual muff, single muff, lightweight headset, or bone conduction models to operate as wireless intercoms or extended access to 2-way radios. The BP3-10 is available for use with headsets by Cobalt A/V, David Clark, Sigtronics, and other popular brands. With a Wireless Belt Pack, your existing wired headsets can be "cut loose" to give field operations personnel full mobility on the scene or you can add a radio interface to allow direct wireless connectivity and control of your 2-way radio from anywhere on the scene.

Models are available that are especially designed for Airport Use, EMS, Fire, Industrial Plant, Transportation, and even Wrecker Services plus a host of applications too lengthy to list. The bottom line is that unlike low powered Bluetooth devices, the BP Series transceivers operate at full power in the uncluttered 1.9 GHz band. If used with Firecom headsets, you have the benefit of an efficient noise cancelling microphone that works well under extreme noise conditions. As a matter of fact, we'll put our system up against the top brand 2-way radios - analog or digital, regardless of brand, and we'll beat them every time in terms of speech clarity, ease of use, purchase cost (and cost of operation).

Like to see a demonstration? Just give us a call at 800.489.2611. Want more information before you call? Click here!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 SAFER Grant Program

The 2010 SAFER Grant program opened on August 17th with some major changes from previous programs. We think it would be safe to say that the 2010 program is primarily aimed at serving the needs of larger paid and/or combination departments. Since the focus is on retention (or recall) of laid off firefighters and recruiting of new firefighters, the conclusion would normally be that volunteer only fire departments will not find any opportunities in this grant.

Having said that, we should point out that this determination was made after reading the 2010 Guidance (Click here for a copy). While our primary focus is in serving volunteer fire departments with communications equipment and related items, we thought it might be worthwhile to mention that our services are not confined to equipment sales. With an extensive background in technical writing, advertising and public relations, plus grant writing; we may be able to offer useful assistance to those who could use a little help with the current SAFER grant application.

Our services are available in two basic areas. If you plan to apply for a program to RECRUIT new firefighters, you will need a budgetary estimate and an overview of your plan for your narrative. We can provide both requirements as well as provide the actual recruiting materials including print, media, and direct marketing services. You don't have a lot of time - the program closes on September 17, 2010. If we can be of service, please call us at 205.854.2611 or drop us an email to AtYourService@falcondirect.com.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Firehouse Subs Grant Program

Firehouse Subs offers a year round grant program. Click here for details.

They have funded all types of equipment, and like everyone else - they would like to get the biggest bang for the buck. One of the best investments a fire department can make is enhanced fire and unauthorized entry protection AT THE FIRE STATION!

We offer a product especially suited for this purpose. More information is available by clicking here. Do yourself and your department a favor by applying for a grant to provide the incredible Vodaeo Reporter for your department, or maybe a vehicle intercom system to protect the hearing of your firefighters. Our new wireless model also serves an excellent tool for incident command. Click here for details

Who's looking out for you? WE ARE! And proud to be doing it!

Fire grant opportunity!

Looking for fire department grant money? Check out: http://www.firehouse.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116420. There is not much time left, but you can still make it if you get your application in before August 13th.