Monday, June 30, 2014

New Multi-Voice Radio - Full Duplex, Long Range, and No FCC License Required

Within the past week, we have received calls from a fire chief, a football coach, a manufacturer, and a large wrecker operator, all asking for the same thing, hands free, long range, personal communicators with a range of a half mile or more.  

The football coach wanted secure communications (for obvious reasons) and the ability to communicate with up to seven other members of his staff.  He wanted guaranteed assurance that he would not run into interference issues anywhere in the USA and he didn't have time for FCC licensing. Click here for a short video made at the American Football Coaches Association conference last January to learn more about the product known as the Multi-Voice Radio (MVR).

The fire chief wanted the ability to integrate his existing 2-way radios with the wireless hands free intercom system and he wanted assurance that the system could be used in "harsh" environments where soaking water was the rule, rather than the exception. The wrecker operator wanted lots of audio since the noise level on major highways can be be very high.  The manufacturer wanted a special headset that provided full noise protection in one ear but left the other one open to hear local area activities. None of the users wanted an expensive headset requiring frequent replacement or a base station unit required for handling calls between headsets.

For additional information, visit the company web site by clicking here.  For pricing information, or to order with guaranteed satisfaction, click here.  If you would like a demonstration before ordering, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Doofus Award presented to the State of Ohio for the poorest excuse for school safety ever conceived!

Wowee!  Parents in Ohio can sleep well tonight knowing that their children will be safer as a result of incredible technology developed by a major manufacturer to help keep schools safe!  It's called MARCS.  Click here for the full story.

Remember John Kasich, former good guy from Fox News? He was the guy that was going to bring good government to Ohio.  If the MARCS program is any example of his idea of good government, I think Ohio will have another governor come next term.

Here's the story.  When there is a problem in a school, the key to dealing with the situation effectively is to get law enforcement feet on the ground, on scene, as quickly as possible. Calling 911, or ANY type of phone dialing to a centralized dispatch center is simply too slow (average response time around ten minutes).  So, the better way to get in touch with law enforcement is by communicating directly by 2-way radio!  We've been doing that for the better part of a decade with simple push button calling units that cost less than $400 using an American made product built right across the Ohio state line in Indiana.  Do you think the bureaucrats in Ohio even looked at anything else other than the single solutions provided by a single solutions provider?  Nah!

Did they get good deal for buying so many?  Nah! What they got was an overpriced band aided mobile radio with a big red push button and they received grant money for $2,000 each.  And, a new state office had to be set up, complete with a director, programmer, and heaven only knows what all else. Simple to use?  Nah! School personnel had to go to special classes to learn how to push the big red button.  BTW, the $400 solution doesn't require the school personnel to say a word.  The little box with the little red button does it for them!

If you are a school official, a taxpayer, or a parent; and you want a simple and affordable solution for making your school safer, give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to We can equip five schools for the price of one MARCS unit, do it better, and you won't have to pay the salaries of a newly formed state agency or even have to go to school for operating instructions.  AND, if you REALLY want a real solution, we can provide individual call buttons for only $99 per classroom!  Instead of that two thousand dollar red button box in the front office, we could provide emergency calling capability for up to TWENTY classrooms!  Nice job Governor Kasich, the technical team that put came up with this magnificent solution, and all the bureaucrats that jumped on bandwagon!  YOU have won the Doofus award for this month!
Phone Courtesy of Media General - NBC Channel 4 - Columbus, Ohio

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Here's Bobby!

Weaver, Alabama - June 10, 2014 - 59 year old Bobby Beck (that's him on the left) armed with gun, badge and cuffs enters Weaver Alabama City Hall to arrest Mayor.  This is a problem that could happen anywhere at any time. Click here for full story. The question is - Is your municipal office, courtroom, or school prepared to deal with such an event?

Weaver Mayor Wayne Willis publicly announced that once was enough! If there is ever a "next time" the Weaver Municipal offices, Courtroom and Seniors Center will be much better prepared to deal with such an issue. Mayor Willis didn't waste much time. Within 14 days, he had formed a committee to review improved safety options, reviewed the alternatives, and presented the committed actions to the city council for action.  The council approved the plan and within 14 more days, the new safety plan will be in place.

We could tell you how this happened so quickly, and as you might suspect; we had a great deal to do with providing a workable solution. Better yet, we did it for less than $2,500, AND the city has the option of extending these same services to improve safety in city schools, parks and walking trails.  The City will have the capability to provide instant notification to city dispatchers at the push of a button, AND they can offer these services to business owners at high risk of burglary and/or robbery.  It's all part of our No Time For Crime program that can improve law enforcement response by a factor of FIVE TIMES or more!  Want to know more?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to

Photo courtesy of Calhoun County Sheriffs Department

Monday, June 23, 2014

Free GPS tracking Device available for Alabama and Mississippi Mayors - Too good to be true?

You read it right!  We'll give you a free GPS tracking device in return for a few minutes of your time to discuss our new Community Partnership program.  Through the end of July, we will be releasing additional information on line.  For now, our objective is to meet as many Alabama and Mississippi mayors as possible to prepare for some really great opportunities to make your city a better place to live work and play.

One of our offerings is a simple an inexpensive GPS tracking system that is well suited to improve employee productivity, enhance public relations, and avoid litigation.  We feel the best way to prove  the benefits of GPS tracking is to give you the first unit FREE!  

We would like to meet with you as quickly as possible since there are several grants that will soon be available - one for schools, another for municipalities that are at high risk for flooding,  hurricanes, tornadoes and other weather related disasters as well chemical spills, train derailments, and major Interstate highway traffic mishaps. If you would like to take advantage of our experience in municipal safety and efficiency planning, just pick up the phone and call us at 800.489.2611.  Block out thirty minutes of your time, and let us know the date and time most convenient for you - we'll be there - no cost or obligation and the GPS tracking device is yours FREE as our way of thanking you for your time.  We looking forward to meeting with you soon!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Programmer when you purchase Five Minitor VI's or more!

A Special Offer for purchasers of Minitor VI,
America's favorite FirePager!

Here's your chance to get our best offer of 2014 on Minitor VI. Buy five or more pagers and get a free programmer IF you act promptly!  This offer ends on July 31, 2014.  And if you want the best prices, guaranteed, just give us a call at 800.489.2611. You'll be glad your did!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Little guys CAN compete with bigger competitors!

When you are a little guy up against some BIG competitors, what can you do to stay in the race?  The answer that many of us learned in Business 101 was to be be Better-Faster-Different.  The trick is, how do you do that?

Sky Cablevision in Meridian, MS recognized that better customer service was a key element in any successful business.  That's why they came to Falcon Wireless to find our how vehicle tracking could help them better manage outside customer service personnel.  Like so many others, they learned that vehicle location systems are not for big brother to keep an eye on employees so they can wring out the last ounce of efficiency by tighter control.

To the contrary, Sky Cablevision learned that an investment of a dollar per day per customer service vehicle could allow them to better control scheduling and meet on time appointments. That's not an easy task when you only have a few customer service technicians spread over a wide geographic area.  Now, Sky Cablevision is providing better customer service and they didn't have to hire a public relations firm to achieve their goal.  As for the dollar a day cost, they save much more than that in fuel savings alone!

So the question is, why doesn't every business with outside service vehicles use vehicle location systems?  Maybe it's because they haven't called us and asked for a free trial offer. It's as easy as calling 800.489.2611 or dropping us an email to Let us tell you why (and how) little guys rock!

Friday, June 6, 2014


I have sometimes been known as a graduate of the fire-aim-ready school of management. I am still doing post graduate work!

My latest misfire relates to a campaign to assist county and municipal agencies as well as hospitals in obtaining funds for updating existing disaster mitigation projects.  I had wrongfully concluded that plan update applications could be submitted to County EMA directors on or before June 6, 2014. The actual date was before June 1, and I was a little off on my facts (actually, WAY off!). That's the bad news.  There is also some good news!

Those of you who made the effort to get the information to your County EMA Director in a timely manner may still be in the game.  The Catch-22 is that your project had to be a part of the County project, and applications by County EMA Directors was supposed to be filed with State EMA by June 1.  Whether there is any latitude in this policy or not is unknown to me and at this point I am not inclined to speculate.

What I do know, as the result of input provided by an informed County EMA associate, is that the likelihood of funds being available in the October/November time frame are very good.  The reason being that in the past, a Presidential Proclamation for disaster mitigation plan updates generally follows periods of major disasters by six months.  Since our tornado disasters typically occur in April, that means that a proclamation could occur as early as mid October to November. At that time, County EMAs will be able to request funding for UPDATING OF EXISTING DISASTER MITIGATION PLANS.  That means that you have to be a participant in the county plan, whether you are a county agency, municipality, or emergency medical provider.

So, for those of you who worked with us in defining your projects can be first in line when notified of the open application period by EMA.  That means the war has not been lost, only the battle.  If you are not a participant in your county plan, you need to become a part of that plan so that you are ready to apply in March of 2015 to become a member and apply for one or more approved projects which could include our HelpAlert, Sparkgap and TownCrier programs.

For those of you who chose to work with us - Thank you!  We will be there for you at the proper time (and sometimes, even BEFORE the proper time!).  For those that did not respond to our invitation to work with us, that invitation is still extended.  Our job is helping you do yours a little better!

Burch Falkner
At your service!

The next time you purchase a speaker-microphone, consider this!

The following is a letter recently received from the President of Stone Mountain, Ltd., manufacturers of the finest speaker-microphones money can buy.  We thought it was worth sharing.

70 years ago today, June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched the invasion, and ultimate liberation, of Nazi occupied Europe.  D-Day remains the largest seaborne invasion in history.  It's success significantly paved the way to ultimate victory over the Axis powers.  Stone Mountain's two Virginia factories are located one mile from each other - one in Huddleston and one in Bedford.  Bedford is also the home of the National D-Day Memorial, a non-governmental, non-profit, education foundation.  Dedicated in 2001 by President George W. Bush, it is located here because Bedford suffered the highest casualty rate per capita in the country during the D-Day invasion. 

When I founded Stone Mountain, Ltd. in 2002, I wished to honor all those who fought in that terrible battle.  And I especially wanted to honor those 22 "Bedford Boys" who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Normandy campaign.  So I named my products after those Normandy beaches - Sword, Juno, Utah, Omaha and Gold.  In commemoration of D-Day, Stone Mountain will contribute 1% of all sales in the month of June to the National D-Day Memorial. 

Bill Jennings
President, Stone Mountain, Ltd.

We are proud to represent Stone Mountain products.  We have been with Bill since the beginning for several reasons - An American made product, offered at reasonable cost, designed for mission critical use, personally guaranteed by the manufacturer.  The next time you are considering purchasing a speaker-microphone, give us a call for a price on the incredible new Phoenix series. This is the speaker-microphone that does it all!  Click here for more information, then give us a call at 800.489.2611 for pricing.  Thank you!