Friday, January 24, 2014

A Special Message to Mayors, Council Members, and Administrators

Picture This!

A city like yours where everyone works as part of a team with a common goal of making that city a better place to live, work, and play. We can help you make that happen!

There was once a time when our cities got along without federal government handouts. As the federal well goes dry, the need to get back to the basics of making do with what we have is rapidly returning. 

To make matters worse, the demand for services is increasing along with higher operating costs, the need for more safety in our schools, increasing crime, and litigation expense, while tax revenues are shrinking. Add to this the need to deal with catastrophic weather, increasing federal compliance requirements, and the need to better communicate in times of emergency, and we find ourselves pretty close to the perfect storm!

That is why we have developed the Alliance21 program to address the needs of today with common sense solutions that are not dependent on federal government funding. You can learn more about this new program at   Better yet, we would like to arrange a meeting with you to provide a more complete explanation of how this program can benefit your city, and the proposed plan to move to the next step.

The following are the key components of the Alliance21 program and how they can benefit your community.

The secret of success is working together and combining resources to achieve a common goal.  We call it the principal of Power/Squared.  You can learn more about this concept at

Knowing, or not knowing the requirements of the EPA, FCC, ISO, NFPA, and OSHA (among others) can make a real difference in how you conduct your activities.  Lack of knowledge can put you at substantial risk for fines and litigation.  For an example of how lack of compliance and be a major issue for a fire department, see

Making and keeping our schools and cities safe is a task that can be greatly improved by working together. A shared cost system called SparkGap is the foundation of a cost shared network that can benefit everyone in the community.  More information is available at

To be effective, we must be efficient.  To be efficient, we must have administrative control, the highest levels of productivity, resource management, and the ability to develop new sources of revenue. We'll be telling you more about proactive plans at

The next step is to call me, Burch Falkner, at 205.854.2611 and let me know a good time when we can meet.  I'll take it from there!