Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New LogiCall System Now Available

We recently received an interesting call from a large warehouse operator.  He had a wired PA system with over 100 microphones throughout the warehouse.  The system worked fairly well except in communicating with materials handling vehicles.  Drivers often had trouble hearing the calls and were limited in their ability to acknowledge calls. This created both an operational and OSHA safety compliance issue.  Our caller wanted to know if there was a way to connect radios to the PA system.

The answer is YES, it's called the  LogiCall System.  The picture at the left says it all.  All that is required is the installation of an interface to the PA system.  That's it, in the center of the picture.  It's called an LPA.  Functionally, it contains a radio receiver, recorder/playback module, a delay timer, and a radio transmitter. Three versions are available - an unlicensed VHF model, a VHF model for use with licensed 2-way radio systems and a similar model for UHF licensed operation.  The cost is the same for all models - less than $600!

The next step is to add a radio on materials handling vehicles.  The vehicle operator can be provided with a headset or a horn type speaker (normally the preferred alternative), and a noise canceling microphone.  The cost is less than $500 per vehicle.  Now the vehicle operators CAN hear both administrative calls and emergency calls sent through the PA system.  Here's how!

When a call is placed over the PA system, it is recorded on the LPA, then rebroadcast by 2-way radio to the vehicle radios.  To acknowledge the call, the vehicle operator uses the microphone to respond.  The message from the vehicle operator is received by the LPA and rebroadcast over the PA system.  Mission complete!

If desired, administrative personnel can be equipped with commercial grade 2-way radios to communicate directly with materials handling vehicle operators WITHOUT going over the PA system.  The cost of the personal 2-way radios is less than $200 each.  Desktop radios are also available for office personnel for less than $350 each.  Both personal portable and desktop radios have the ability to communicate with vehicle operators and with each other as well as optionally accessing the PA system in the event of an emergency.  That can keep EVERYONE happy!

For additional information on OSHA safety requirements, please see http://the-communicators.net/2.html or for more information on the LogiCall System, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Radios not working too well after narrow banding?

As some of us knew, and more are coming to know - Narrow banding DOES reduce operating range for 2-way radios.  There are many solutions (we've got them all), but we have one that is especially well suited for rural fire departments. It's called a Bluetooth mobile!

Bluetooth mobile are like most other mobiles with 50 watts of power, available in VHF or UHF with up to 128 channels.  What makes the Bluetooth mobile unique is the wireless speaker-microphone shown at the left.  With a range of up to 300 feet from the mobile, this is ideal radio for fire ground incident commanders.

The main problem with narrow banding is loss of range on portables.  The mobile, in most cases still work work.  With a Bluetooth mobile, you can have the power of a mobile IN YOUR HAND! The Bluetooth mobile is also well suite for rural law enforcement officers, utility workers, and the list goes on!  Normally priced at just $730, the Bluetooth mobile is no more than other top quality mobiles, but through the end of June, we are offering a special low introductory price of just $449!

If you are having a narrow band problem that involves just a few vehicles, the Bluetooth mobile may be your narrow band solution.  You don't have to worry about the range of hand held radios. You may not even need one!  Additional information is available at www.falcondirect.com/tecnet or by calling 800.489.2611.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bouquet Award to Fulton County Georgia!

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – At its recess meeting April 17, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in Atlanta unanimously voted to deny the $21 million proposal for the emergency communications E-911 radio system upgrade with Motorola Solutions.

The proposal was for the upgrade and expansion of the existing analog radio system infrastructure, which is dangerously out of date, to a digital system.

Commissioner Robb Pitts expressed concerns about the procurement process and whether or not the Request for Proposals (RFP) contributed to the county not receiving a larger pool of respondents and even causing some businesses to be excluded from the bid process. Motorola was the only bidder. Commissioner Tom Lowe agreed with Pitts' concerns along with other members of the board, and a motion was made to deny the contract to Motorola.

The board then directed staff to develop a new proposal and rebid this service in a way that does not exclude nor restrict other vendors from being able to respond to the request for proposal.

"It is vitally important to the citizens of Fulton County that we make every effort to be good stewards of their hard-earned tax dollars and that we have a procurement process that is fair and equitable to everyone," said Pitts. "I believe that by rebidding this contract, we will not only send business owners the message that we believe in an inclusive process, but that we may also save the county money by allowing them another opportunity for real competitive bidding."

Thankfully, at least one metropolitan area is showing some common sense.  Wish there were more!  Thanks to Commissioner Robb Pitts and the entire Fulton County Commission.  YOU have won the April 2013 Falcon Direct Bouquet Award - you earned it!  As for the Brickbat award - I guess I don't have to tell you who won that, do I?  And as for buying American is concerned, where do you think Motorola is made?  There ARE some American manufacturers who were never considered - Wonder why?

Monday, April 22, 2013

New SWAT Team Communications System now available!

In times of emergency, SWAT Team members need the best in protective gear and weaponry to protect them while they protect us, but the key to a successful mission is good communications!  

After years of development, a communications system is now available for the special needs of SWAT teams. Our new MVR system is lightweight, rugged, and affordable.  More importantly, the MVR communicator provides crystal clear digital HANDS FREE communications using highly encrypted technology!

SWAT team members can communicate privately among themselves as well as incident commanders with no push to talk buttons or VOX circuits required.  The system requires no FCC license and is totally secured against any form of eavesdropping.  If desired, the system can be integrated with VHF, UHF, or 700/MHz radios to provide both on-site tactical communications as well as direct communications on departmental 2-way radio systems.

You have a choice of audio accessories including throat microphones with earpiece, ear microphones or dual muff headsets.  You can use the optional accessories available with the MVR or use your own since the system is compatible with audio accessories by all major manufacturers including ARC, Cobalt/AV, David Clark, Otto, Plantronics, Sigtronics, Sonetics, Stone Mountain, and many others.

Unlike ordinary 2-way radios that only talk one at a time (not a good thing in an emergency situation) the MVR system lets all involved personnel talk just like a telephone conference call. And, the system can connect not only to a 2-way radio, but to a cell phone as well!  

Best of all - the price per person, can be less than the cost of a good quality 2-way radio and a LOT less expensive than P25 trunked digital radios.  The MVR works better, costs less, and does more.  It is the perfect SWAT Team Communicator!

For more information on the Multi Voice Radio system, click here. For more information on the MVR accessories, click here. If you would like to see a demonstration of this incredible new system, call us at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mississippi Preparedness Summit - Day 3

Life has been interesting in lower Mississippi today!  Those who stepped out into the parking lot this morning were greeted with seven inches of water!  The storms came through last night and they are still coming! The Preparedness Summit was scheduled to run though noon today, but most of the vendors and many attendees got on the road early to return home today.

Today was the day we planned to introduce a special product for our firefighter friends.  Technically, it is known as the Multi Voice Radio MVR900 system.  Operationally, it is a lifesaver!  Here's how it works. The incident commander is equipped with an MVR900, connected to their 2-way radio.  First line firefighters are equipped with MVR900's only, along with a choice of dual muff headsets, throat mics, or earpieces. NO RADIO IS REQUIRED for the firefighters!

All MVR900 units operate in a full duplex hands free mode.  NO FCC LICENSE, PTT or VOX REQUIRED! The firefighters can hear everything from dispatch or other 2-way radios by way of extension through the incident commanders radio. They can talk to the incident commander AND dispatch or other 2-way users on the regular 2-way radio channel, or privately among themselves between MVR900's!

The range of the system is up to three quarters of a mile, even inside buildings!  The MVR900 system is the perfect solution to poor communications inside buildings.  The price is right as well!  The MVR900 command unit with a connector cable to any 2-way radio is just $1,348 excluding the cost of the desired headset.  The firefighter units are just $1,199 subject to substantial discounts for volume purchases. Audio accessory headsets range from $79 for a throat microphone, or $199 for a dual muff headset, up to $299 for an earbud headset.  That's a lot less than you would normally pay for similar audio accessories even though the MVR900 audio accessories offer superior quality and performance!

Unlike ordinary 2-way radios that only talk one at a time (not a good thing in an emergency situation) the MVR900 system lets all involved personnel talk just like a telephone conference call.  And, the system can connect not only to a 2-way radio, but to a cell phone as well! This makes the MVR900 also well suited for hospital emergency response teams, industrial workers, and law enforcement SWAT teams! 

For more information on the Multi Voice Radio system, click here.  For more information on the MVR900 and  accessories, click here.  If you would like to see a demonstration of this incredible new system, call us at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com. Get ready for an introduction to the future in personal communications!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mississippi Preparedness Summit - Day 2

Today, April 18, is the BIG day at the Summit Conference in Biloxi! This will our last day here, so we decided to make it a very special day for our friends with the Mississippi Hospital Assn. by making a VERY special offer.  Through the end of May, 2013, we are offering the Thales Liberty  quad band Emergency Room Communicator that can communicate on the hospital VHF radio system, all the UHF MedNet frequencies, all the Amateur VHF and UHF frequencies, the MISWIN 700 MHz system as well as conventional or trunked, analog or P25 digital radios systems in the 800 MHz bands - even VHF marine frequencies and interoperable channels!

Best of all we can do it for just $7,499 INCLUDING our new discone all band antenna, a three year factory warranty AND installation anywhere in Mississippi!  That's Candice Staggs, our go to gal holding the Liberty ER communicator.  Directly behind the radio is the all band discone antenna.  Makes quite a package doesn't it?

By the way - directly across the aisle from us is the Alpha Cognetics booth.  They have an incredible new low frequency HF radio antenna that you need to see!.  Most low frequency HF antennas are a mass of wires that are easily blown away in a major storm.  The EH antenna won't blow away, and it is easy to install.  We can do the installation for you at very reasonable cost if you wish.  Falcon Wireless is a leading installer of HF radio antennas in Alabama and we are ready to serve YOU as well.  

Before the day is done, if you are in Biloxi, stop by and see us.  Take a look at the American made KNG-P800 portable radio.  Compare it to any 700 MHz radio.  You'll see why it is a winner by unanimous decision.  Click here for more information. 

While you are at the booth, ask Brenda Jackson to tell you all about the Cache Kit, the portable emergency command center that can serve up to six incident command officers with quad band portables.  You get six radios, covered by a three year warranty, a six unit multiple charger, and a rugged Pelican travel case for $36,000.  Nothing else can do as much with anywhere near the capability of the Cache Kit.  Check it out - you'll see!

For our law enforcement friends, we are demonstrating a dandy little portable radio that is ideally suited for reserve officers.  Ask Candice to show you our new CS100 portable radio.  There is nothing else quite like it anywhere.  It costs just $149.  The replacement battery is a little more than other radios ($89) but with the battery comes a free repair if needed, new antenna, knobs, and clip, even a new case if required.  No other radio is less expensive to use or maintain except our new dual band radio which has the same battery/service program.

And, one last thing - if you happened to miss our blog of yesterday, check out our special school safety plan by clicking here.  We KNOW how to make schools safer!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mississippi Preparedness Summit - Day 1

April 17th was the opening day of the Mississippi Preparedness Summit in Biloxi, MS.  Dr. Earl Suttle, shown at the right was the opening keynote speaker.  His presentation alone should have made the trip worthwhile for attendees.

This was to be the day we made an major announcement of behalf of Thales Communications, manufacturer of the American made quad band portable radio.  Unfortunately, the Thales factory rep was unable to join us until after mid day so we postponed release of details until tomorrow.  We'll tell you more then.

Our revised schedule allowed us to introduce a unique new product for improving school safety.  Actually, it's not a product.  It's a part of an overall plan for improving school safety that is effective and affordable. The new SafeSchools plan involves not only schools, but law enforcement and the entire community.  If you would like to know more, click here.  Tomorrow, we'll tell you about a unique solution for hospital emergency communications.

Monday, April 15, 2013

New EvacAll for wireless mass notification - Indoors or Outdoors

Falcon Direct announces the availability of the EvacAll wireless mass notification system for quickly alerting large numbers of people in times of emergency.  The EvacAll system is especially designed for manufacturing plants subject to compliance with OHSA safety standards for mass alerting.

EvacAll provides three methods of alerting - a flashing strobe light, an audible alert tone, and a voice message.  The system uses a wireless VHF or UHF receiver, coupled to an internal message recorder and playback unit through a high powered audio amplifier and directional horn speaker for maximum audio in noisy areas.

No wiring is required.  No FCC license is required, although the system can be used in conjunction with  existing licensed VHF or UHF radios systems.  EvacAll units simply plug in to available AC outlets.  Activation is by one or more associated portable 2-way radios. Priced at under $1,000 per speaker location, the system complies with all OSHA safety standards and is considerably less expensive than conventional wired PA systems.

Primarily designed for manufacturing plants, EvacAll is equally effective in all types of buildings where large numbers of people are in the area.  Golf courses, marinas, RV parks, recreational areas, and schools and just a few of the many locations that can benefit from the installation of EvacAll.

Additional information is available on request by call 800.489.2611, or dropping us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com.

Falcon to attend Mississippi Preparedness Summit April 17 and 18th


to visit us at the 2013 Mississippi Preparedness Summit in Biloxi starting on April 17th..  Thales Communications and Falcon Wireless Direct will be presenting new and affordable communications solutions especially suited to the unique needs of Mississippi emergency first responders and support services.

At Booth 205, Candice Staggs with Falcon Wireless and Brenda Jackson of Thales Communications will be at your service with some fantastic new products including the American made Quad Band Liberty radio that can communicate on 700/800, VHF, and UHF in both P25 and analog modes.  In a 911 and/or dispatch center, it can back up all radios in all frequency bands.  A brand new all band fixed station antenna is optionally available.  This makes a great package for EMA offices and Hospital ER's since one radio can handle everything

If you have been waiting for a top quality MSWIN portable radio with the features and functionality of radios costing thousands of dollars more, your wait is over!  The American made KNG-P800 gives you value, performance, and low operating cost, coupled with the best user support in the business.  

And, if you are looking for an affordable school radio, the all new MK-11 is capable of operating in the school on UHF, and VHF for communicating with School Resource Officers (SRO's) for less than $150!  It is backed by our exclusive Forever Young service program.  We'll tell you more at the Summit!

We'll be looking forward to seeing you in Biloxi!  If you can't attend but would like more information on our new generation of emergency communications products, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If it "looks" good, and "sounds" good, it must BE good!

Out in California lives Daryl Jones, who makes it his business to expose mismanagement of public funds, political shenanigans, and plain stupidity.  He is the public watch dog in the San Francisco Bay area, but he also keeps an eye on other situations around the USA.  He is kind of like the Drudge Report for the private wireless communications industry.

A recent article has a striking resemblance to a recent situation here in Alabama. I invite you to take a few minutes to read the article to get a better understanding of the incredible arrogance, mismanagement, and the waste of taxpayer money described in his latest report on a "big dig" (with apologies to Boston) project in the Bay area.  Click here for the article.

In Alabama, we also have a "regional" project involving Calhoun and Talladega counties with a handful of self serving individuals. These folks recently  tried to ram an additional tax on property owners. The alleged need is for modernizing of an antiquated radio system that does not serve the needs of all the first responders, the taxpayers, or anyone else except those in control of the system (the "Bully Boys") and a single manufacturer with a great deal of unexplained collaboration by the local newspaper (The Anniston Star). The most recent article with a listing of previous articles at the bottom is available by clicking here.

It all started with trying to make all first responders accept equipment that had reached it's end of life and then making the user departments pay a $22.50 per radio monthly fee "for maintenance".  That fee, by the way would pay for brand new radios!  Most of the volunteer fire departments refused to participate.  They were then told if they didn't get with the plan that they might lose 911 dispatch service.  Fortunately for the people who made the threat, it was not necessary to get the State Attorney General to "explain some things to them".

Then, along came the tragic school shootings in Connecticut. That's when the Bully Boys came up with the bright idea of developing a bill to tax property owners to the tune of $35 annually per 100K of accessed value to support a bill for providing school resource officers and "necessary" communications upgrades.  This was followed by calling an emergency meeting demanding that the Chiefs of all volunteer fire departments sign a document supporting the bill.  Apparently, they neither knew nor cared that these departments could lose their 501 C3 tax exempt status by getting involved in a political activity.  Fortunately, most did not sign.

Then, through their friends at The Anniston Star, the proponents of the ultimate proposed pork barrel funding started a PR campaign to "educate" the public on the need for school resource officers (a good thing).  The problem is that the majority of the money would have gone to upgrading the antiquated radio system which does not meet federal interoperability requirements or even the needs of the community.

Fortunately, State Senator Del Marsh of Anniston killed the bill.  And STILL the media campaign continues.  The citizens of Calhoun county have much to be thankful for.  Senator Marsh is the one who stood for what is right - not what "they" think is good for the public.  Thank you Senator Marsh!  I tried to extend my thanks through the Anniston Star reader forum, but they don't print anything I have to say.  Wonder why?

The bottom line is when someone tells you "It's ALL good", and it Sounds good, and it ONLY costs a little - be VERY concerned.  There is ALWAYS a hidden agenda!

Falcon Direct Announces S Class Radios for School Safety!


New S Class radios provide unique capabilities to improve safety in schools.  Three models are available. The TC series shown on the left is the smallest, lightest, loudest UHF personal 2-way radio available.  It is fully compatible with our DoorCall controlled access system as well as integration with new or existing PA systems for rapid emergency notification.

The MK series, shown in the middle, is a brand new micro sized communicator that is capable of communicating on both UHF in-school frequencies as well as VHF  for interoperable communications with the majority of law enforcement agencies. With 5 watts of power on both UHF and VHF, this radio has the power you need when needed!

The CS series is currently available in UHF and features the unique capability of integrating with other radios, cell phones, PC's, and Smart Phones with one button emergency calling  through our new HelpNow system.

All of our new S Class radios feature audible voice channel identification announcements.  The CS series can be programmed for customized channels names. All models are PC programmable.  The MK series is field programmable with no special software or cables required.  Are you ready for the price?  Just $149 for all models and all are covered by our exclusive Forever Young service program to provide the lowest cost of ownership available! Additional information on Falcon Direct school safety products is available by clicking here or giving us a call at 800.489.2611.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A special message for our industrial and institutional readers!

Employers and institutions with fire extinguishers available to staff personnel are subject to Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA).  One of those requirements is compliance with 29 CFR 1910.165(b).  

In effect, the regulation requires the development and adherence to a Safety Plan that includes mass notification capability to ALL personnel in the event of an emergency.  Fines for non-compliance typically range from $7,000 to $70,000.  If you would like more information on simple and effective compliance solutions, just click here.