Saturday, December 14, 2013

Greetings from Falcon Direct's Santa Land!

Hi Boys and Girls!  My name is Candice Claus (at least during the Christmas season).  I am one of the elf associates at Falcon Direct.  I was told to come up with something really great for good boys and girls as my own Christmas Special.  So, here's the deal!  If you will purchase just one of my incredible TP8000 series VHF or UHF portable pager/radios, I'll give you a FREE candy cane!

OK, I'll admit it's not much of a gift, so let me do something else!  I'll throw in built in Blue Tooth that works with our wireless speaker-microphone or headset accessory.  Still not enough?  I will include a FREE wireless speaker-microphone or headset (your choice).  How's that for a great deal?

Did I forget something?  Oh yes, maybe you didn't know that the TP8000 is the ONLY radio that has survived the Swedish survival test!  It is small, lightweight and SUPER tough!  You can read all about it by clicking here!  Here's one more free thing I'll do.  I'll give you a $45 trade in allowance for any radio or pager you have, working or non-working.  I'll even give you trade in allowance even if you don't have anything to trade! All you pay is just $213 and that INCLUDES free built in Blue Tooth, your choice of a free wireless speaker-microphone or headset, a trade-in allowance (even if you don't have anything to trade), free programming AND a free candy cane!  How's THAT for a Christmas present?


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New PD602 announced by Hytera

Rugged Digital Radio
  • Durable and Feature Rich in an Inovative, Compact Design
  • GPS Option and Integration with Data Applications 
 Product Features
  • 4.7 X 2.13X 1.1 inches, PC & Metal frame, weight is 10.23oz.
  • Expanded frequency range of 400-527MHz
  • Dual Mode: Analog and Digital
  • Advanced Signaling
  • GPS Positioning (Factory Option)
  • One Touch Call/Text
Technical Highlights

  • Pseudo Trunk
  • DMO True 2-Slot
  • Further Development Port
  • IP67 (fully submersible) ; MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • Radio Priority-Based Interruption

Optional Accessories
  • Detachable Earpiece with Transparent Acoustic Tube 
  • MCU Multi-Unit Charger (Thick Battery)
  • Programming Cable
  • Remote Swivel Earset
Download  Brochure

You're not going to believe the pricing! Drop us an email to 
on this and other new Analog/Digital radios.  You are in for a VERY pleasant surprise!

The Falcon Team
At your service!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Rescue Squad Indicted for Putting Law Enforcement Channels on Squad Radios

Be careful out there......

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph and other media sources in Southwest Virginia are reporting that two members of a local rescue squad in Southwest Virginia were indicted on felony charges of using a computer to convert the property or computer program of another and making an unauthorized copy of a program or property of another. The charges arose from an investigation into the unauthorized use of the Tazewell County sheriff's office radio frequencies on radios belonging to their rescue squad – which is an agency licensed by the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services. Essentially, the two individuals are being accused of downloading encryption keys which then allowed them to listen in on encrypted police communications. It is because the proprietary encryption keys were also downloaded that Tazewell County was able to proceed with these criminal charges. In addition to the Tazewell County issue, authorities are also investigating whether or not frequencies assigned to Russell County Fire and EMS and the Virginia State Police were improperly programmed into the radios.

In addition to criminal action by authorities in Virginia, the FCC could potentially take enforcement action against the rescue squad for this sort of activity, since the FCC's rules require permission from a licensee before their channels can be programmed into another agency's public safety radio system. For this reason, it is critically important that companies ensure that end-users do not have the capability of modifying or otherwise programming their radios, and that these functions be reserved only for authorized maintenance personnel.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Learn How to Use Real-time Analytics to Improve Public Safety with Volunteer Dispatching

As many of our readers know, we are heavily involved in community safety (See One of our primary supply partners is Critical Response Systems of Norcross, GA. We work with Critical Response as team members to help make communities better places to live, work, and play by forming alliances with local government, first responders, hospitals, the business community, churches and schools.

If you would like to learn more about the latest techniques in public safety dispatching and messaging, we invite you to attend the complimentary webinar on December 12 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. This informative webinar will last approximately one hour and cover the latest trends in public safety dispatching/messaging, including: 

  • How to use real-time analytics to improve public safety with volunteer dispatching
  • How to capture the right analytics to help you improve your public safety operation
  • How you can reduce operational costs while increasing performance

The webinar is complimentary, but you must reserve your place by clicking here. Space is limited so please reserve your seat today. In the mean time you can click here for a complimentary white paper on “Public Safety Dispatching.” Feel free to visit the Critical Response web site for more information.  We look forward to seeing you on December 12. If you can't attend in person, please register and we will send you a copy of the recorded webinar.

Burch Falkner and all the Falcon Team

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyber Sunday Super Special - DMR portables for under $300!

Traditionally, Cyber Monday is ranked next to Black Friday for retail store sales. However, in the land of the Internet, the big day is Cyber Sunday where last years Sunday's sales were a half billion dollars and December 1, 2013 is projected to be up to twice that amount!  We want YOU to be a part of that, so we are making a very special offer for 2-way radio purchasers who want to move up to digital!

This is the day that we have chosen to formally introduce our new CS600 and CS700 DMR compatible UHF portables.  The CS600 is a plain and simple, rugged and reliable, portable for people who need to talk where analog radios used to talk, but don't work so well after narrow banding.  With up to 32 channel capability and 4 watts of power, it is compatible with Hytera and MotoTRBO open standard DMR conventional radios. For additional information on what we mean by Open Standard, click here!

The CS700 has an LCD display with a full keypad for administrative use with the ability to selectively call individuals, groups, or all radio equipped personnel at the touch of a button.  The user ID of all radios in the system is displayed as well as text messages and status updates.  Additional information is available by clicking here.

Now for the big news!  You can purchase either the standard CS600 or the full featured CS700 for the incredibly low price of just $285!  And that includes free programming on up to 16 channels of your choice, plus if you purchase on, as a Prime member, or on eBay, you will receive FREE shipping on purchases made after 12 Noon Eastern time on December 2, 2013. If you prefer, you can purchase at our own on-line store, and receive a free programming kit with your first order!

Save even more if you purchase on Amazon. Apply for an Amazon credit card and get a $30 credit on your first order. Sign up for Prime and get free two day shipping on thousands of items, plus over 41,000 free downloads of movies and TV Series, plus free membership to the Kindle Library. It's just $79 per year and we will reimburse you for your membership when you purchase two or more of the new CS600/700 series radios!

And, if you don't have the funds right now, apply for an Amazon Store card and get 12 month free financing on any purchase of $599 or more, plus you get a $10 gift card just for applying!  Click here for details!  eBay has free 6 month financing for purchases of $99 or more.  Click here for more information!  So what are you waiting for?  NOW is the time to move up to digital and WE are the ones to help you do it!  If you have any questions, please call us at 800.489.2611, or if you are ready to order, please email your desired frequency programming information to  Happy shopping!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Common sense returns to NY State, winner of our November Bouquet Award!

The State of New York was one the first to confirm that statewide interoperability does NOT serve the needs of EMS, Fire, or local (county/municipal) departments.  Millions of dollars were spent on trying to make a one size fits all communications network before it was recognized that the communications needs of federal and state government is quite different than county and municipal needs.  

A recent article on page 16 of Mission Critical Communications highlighted some of the more obvious reasons of why top down interoperability planning doesn't work.  Notably, EMS has basically no need for communicating  with fire or law enforcement since the primary communications need is between rescue vehicles and trauma centers.  Law enforcement communications is essentially a localized endeavor with little need for communications outside the local jurisdiction.  Rarely is there any need to communicate outside the county, and even then, the need seldom extends beyond adjoining counties.

Volunteer fire departments do not have anywhere near the call volume of either EMS or Law Enforcement although that often rely on mutual aid from other departments within the same county.  So where is the primary need for interoperability?  Within the county!  That is why New York is now focusing on localized interoperability from the bottom up, not top down!  Wonder how long it will take others to figure this out? 

One of the first NY counties to address this issue was Monroe County (Rochester) who now uses a centralized dispatch system that is not dependent on being a part of the tactical communications network.  This technology is efficient and affordable.  You can read more about it by clicking here.

The bottom line is the common need is for a unified dispatch system that benefits all concerned.  That is why we have encouraged our fire department readers to consider applying for an AFG grant to implement this technology in their communities.  The bad news is that most will miss out on this opportunity as the current 2013 application period closes on December 6th.  The good news is that there is still time to apply for those that get moving NOW! Additional information is available at or just give us a call at 205.854.2611

Congratulations to John Grebert, executive director of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, and Mark Hoppe of Blue Wing Consulting Services who have taken the high road in honestly identifying real problems and presenting common sense solutions.  These are the winners of our November 2013 Bouquet Award!  The November Brickbat award goes to Calhoun County Alabama, and the Cities of Anniston, Jacksonville, and  Oxford  for the multi-million dollar sole source award to Motorola Solutions to update an antiquated 800 MHz system without even looking at what could have been done for far less money.  Shame on you!  We can only hope that the voters will remember next November!.

Quote for today - If you are not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart and if you are not conservative at thirty, you have no brain. - Winston Churchill

Pay by American Express and get a new pager radio for $89 only on November 30!

American Express is supporting the businesses owned by our friends and neighbors  on Saturday November 30, 2013 for it’s 4rd annual Small Business Saturday. American Express cardholders can register their card to receive a $10 statement credit for spending at least $10 at an independent small business (I LOB). 

Falcon Direct is a long time American Express authorized merchant, which means that AMEX card holders can save an additional $10 in addition to our already low prices!    

American Express cardholders can register their card anytime through November 30th to receive a $10 statement credit for spending at least $10 at an independent small business (like us) on Small Business Saturday (November 30th). This means you can purchase any one of our three most popular VHF or UHF pager radios for as low as $89 after your AMEX credit.   For those of you who do not have an AMEX card, we will extend a $10 credit on any purchase of TWO radios or more,

We still have a fair stock of the popular Maxon SP 1000/4000 series portables (both VHF and UHF)  priced at only $99 while supplies last.  Click here for more information and be sure to get your order in on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 for a really great Christmas present from American Express and Falcon Direct!

Photo courtesy of American Express

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday at Falcon Direct

Is this the way you picture Black Friday?

That may be fun for some, but not for us.  We are all about great wireless products at the best prices around, but the shopping experience should be fun, rewarding, and with just a touch of excitement.  

That is why we have our Black Friday. We call it Countdown to Christmas!  Here's how it works.......

As you may know, we have a eBay Store along with an store and our own on-line shopping store.  EZ-Shop is a site where you just tell us what you want and what you are willing to pay.  It's as simple as completing a form and emailing to us, but we've got an even bigger story to share.  It's called Countdown to Christmas.  You'll find the available products at our eBay store.

If you are new to eBay, let us provide a brief overview.  Depending on which door you enter, the view will be different.  The first thing we want to do is to get you to right place quickly.  When the store opens, you will see a drop down menu at the upper right hand side of the page.  You want to be sure that the Time: newly listed selection is display.  If not, click on the arrow on the right of the box and make this selection.  This will take you to our most recent offerings which are available at auction for a specific period of time, generally 10 days or less.

You have three options.  You can bid at any price above the opening bid, or you immediately purchase at the Buy it now price, or you can wait till the very last minute and try to submit a bit just a little higher than other bidders.  In most cases, our Buy it now price will be lower than you might be able to purchase the product for elsewhere.  Many purchasers will simply make their purchase and be assured delivery. Experienced buyers will put in the minimum accepted low bid price.  This is a good strategy and the seller will simply accept that price in order to get the product out of inventory.  That means you could get a SUPER deal if you need the product and are ready to purchase.   We are not saying that we will always accept the initial bid, but we might. One thing is for sure.  You can win the game unless you get into the game!

The HYT TR-50 is one of our more interesting offerings.  These are lightweight repeater stations that are great for temporary use, in in particular for restoring service in the event of an analog repeater failure. Two models are currently available, one with an internal duplexer an one without. The Motorola RKR1225 is available in the standard 50 watt configuration or with an optional 100 watt amplifier at terrific prices. Keep you eye on our eBay store throughout the Christmas holidays as other items will be added on a daily basis.

Are analog radios "old fashioned"?

We sometimes wonder if firefighters would be using $3,000 digital portables without the massive infusion of federal grant funds, in particular, when we know that analog works better on the fire scene! We had an unusual request the other day.  An EDACS equipped Fire Department was at a cross roads.  The old EDACS (GE, Ericsson, MA/COM, Harris) system was getting very expensive to maintain and an upgrade was going to be very costly.  

The department was looking at a choice of upgrading to 700 MHz P25 system or simply purchasing batteries and repairing their old radios. There was some resistance on the part of fire department operations personnel to switch to “another” digital radio system or pouring good money after bad for maintaining expensive and obsolete radios. Neither of the alternatives appeared to be a good solution.

They had learned through experience that all digital radio systems are based on the use of a converter (Vocoder) to translate analog voice to digital.  In that process, the Vocoder cannot adequately distinguish the difference between a human voice, a siren, the noise of an air pack, or a pump.  In reality, analog works better for firefighters on the scene and the fact is they don’t need a two or three thousand dollar radio for fire ground communications.

The bottom line is that our firefighter friends had a third option!  They chose to purchase brand new portable radios that work very well for about the same price as a BATTERY for their “mission critical dispatch radios”!  We suspect that may be the case with other fire departments as well – maybe YOU!

To make our point, we have prepared a new report on three of our top selling analog radios priced at UNDER $150.  You might find this to be of interest.  It’s easy enough to find out if this would be a good solution for you, just click here!

BTW, for all you folks that have been looking at affordable alternatives for upgrading to digital, we thought you might like to know that we now offer a MotoTRBO/Analog compatible portable for LESS than $300!  For more information, just click here!

Photo courtesy of the Verona NJ Fire Department

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Great Idea for Fire Grant closing on December 6, 2013

As many of our readers know, the funding for the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant has been significantly reduced for 2013.  We also know that a new category called a micro grant appears to be in a favorable position for approval.  Why?  Because more grants can be given to a greater number of grant applicants.

We know that narrow banding of existing 2-way radios has hurt MANY volunteer fire departments.  We know that there are two basic issues – Diminished coverage from dispatch resulting in missed pages, and an inability to communicate within the fire district and back to dispatch.  We know how to fix BOTH problems and we can do it for less than ten thousand dollars!  We do it with a remarkable device known as the BlueBox!  You can learn more about the BlueBox by clicking here.

Additionally, we can provide a truly interoperable P25 Phase 2 radio at the fire station as well as extending dispatch calls through the fire station radio and we can provide the ability to make the Rescue truck into a “mobile repeater” to provide better field communications with dispatch as well a communications between users at the scene.  And, if you prefer, we can alternately supply a P25 Phase 1 radio, a DMR or NXDN digital radio, or an analog only radio at your fire station!

We can provide ten of your key people with a powerful pager/radio plus program ten existing radios for use with the new system.  We can even include the necessary FCC licensing to do all this, and we can do it for UNDER ten thousand dollars (See budgetary cost estimate available by clicking here).

You've still got time to get an application in for the 2013 AFG program which closes on December 6, 2013 at 5 PM Eastern Time.  Don't miss out.  You CAN do big things and solve big problems and it doesn't take a lot of money!  Call us at 205.854.2611 if we can be of assistance in any way!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

West Virginia Correctional Facilities Chooses TecNet

We have received several inquiries on why we are offering the Maxon portables at such low prices.  First, let me assure you that these radios are tough, reliable, and affordable, even at the regular price of $209.  At $99 there is no reason for anyone not to take advantage of this outstanding radio.  So why are we offering these ultra low prices?

The answer is simple.  We are upgrading to a more state of the art product.  As some of our readers know, Tecnet International offers both Maxon and their own branded products.  Both products are of Korean origin and noted for high performance and low cost of operation.  As it turns out, we can now offer the Tecnet TP-5000 (the one selected by the West Virginia Department of Corrections for less than the original Maxon pricing.  So, we are selling the Maxon radios at closeout prices as we focus on the TP-5000 and TP-8000 series.

If you didn't receive the special offer on the Maxon SP1000 series portable, click here!  If you are looking for a great value at a VERY affordable price, place your order TODAY.  Or, if you would rather move up to the top rated TP-5000, click here for more information.  Either way, YOU will be the winner!  Call us at 800.489.2611 for additional information or to order.  Prices on both radios INCLUDE free programming and shipping through the end of November! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Special - Professional grade portable radio - Just $99!

Here’s our way of saying Happy Thanksgiving! Through the end of November, we are offering the incredible Maxon SP1000 series portable radios for just $99!

Your choice of VHF (5W) or UHF (4W) 16 channel model with all the features and performance you would expect from radios costing hundreds of dollars more! Click here for specifications.

Now, here’s some more good news.  We will do the programming and ship your radio(s) for FREE, and we’ll make you some incredible offers on accessories. Take your choice of a discrete ear speaker with in-line PTT microphone, or an  Ear Hook speaker with in-line PTT microphone, or a standard speaker-microphone for just $15!  Want a leather carrying case?  The price is the same- just $15.  And we have a heavy duty speaker-microphone for just $20!

These are GREAT radios.  We have a good inventory, but it’s going fast. Order what you need TODAY!  When they’re gone, they’re gone!  Don’t miss out! Call Candice or Joy today at 800.489.2611.  BTW, if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return within 15 days for a full refund (in undamaged condition in original box with paperwork), or, if you prefer, we will give you a full trade in allowance on any radio of your choosing!  See our mini-catalog by clicking here!

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope to make you even happier by offering you the best radio ever offered at anywhere near these low prices!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Introducing the X10DR - The power of a mobile in the palm of your hand!

Long ago, like pre-2013, it was customary for EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement 2-way radio users to have both a mobile radio (for long range) and a portable (for use when outside the vehicle).  Not a bad idea, except it is costly (VERY costly in the case of P25 radios) and there is the problem of the portable not having the transmitting range of the mobile.  And then…….

Along came the X10DR, a highly secure speaker microphone that allows the user communicate to dispatch and other users at full mobile power at distances of up to a thousand feet away from the vehicle.  The X10DR is no larger that most speaker-microphones, but that’s where the similarity ends. With the X10DR, there are no wires, and inside the microphone is a powerful license free transceiver that links it to an associated mobile radio.

The X10DR works will most brands and models of 2-way radios including BK/Relm, Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood, Motorola, and Tait.  It comes compete with a vehicle charger, antenna and accessory connector cable for most radio models including MotoTRBO.

The price is right – about half the cost of a MotoTRBO or good quality analog radio such as the HT1250.  For those that are using Tier 3 P25 radios, such as the BK/Relm KNG Series, the Motorola APX series, or any other P25 radios, the cost savings are HUGE!  Even with the lowest priced P25 Tier 3 portable radio, the X10DR will come in a less than a fourth the cost of a typical portable radio. Want to know more?  Call us at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to  You’re going to love the X10DR!

And, for a little more, we offer the incredible Blue Box, designed, built and serviced right here in Birmingham, Alabama.  The Blue Box can operate at distances of up to several MILES from the mobile. You can use your current VHF or UHF analog portables even though your are connected to a P25 DIGITAL radio operating in the 700/800 MHz bands!  Call us for more information.  You’ll be glad you did!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The scene no one wants to see can be prevented!

This might have been prevented if your fire department had applied for a FEMA AFG grant to obtain funding for a SPARKGAP system.  The church could have purchased a low cost alarm notification unit that could have notified first responders in the event on unauthorized entry, smoke detection, even tampering with the air conditioner.  Within 5 seconds or less, this system can alert church leaders, the local fire department, police department, or all three as applicable.  

The entire system would cost the church, school, or business LESS than the cost of the typical deductible for those who have insurance! The good news is that it's not too late to apply for a FEMA grant to pay for the SPARKGAP system.  Click here for more information!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Assistance to Firefighter Grant opens November 4, 2013

We have a brand new system called SPARKGAP that appears to be eligible for funding under the 2013 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters( AFG) grant. Better yet, this system can be used to serve community needs far beyond those of just fire safety.

This program can provide enhanced safety in churches, schools, government offices, healthcare, law enforcement and the list goes on!  If you are involved in firefighting activities, you need to apply for a grant to bring this incredible system to your community!

The  application period opens on Monday, November 4th and will remain open for submission of applications until 5 PM on December 6th 2013.  The matching share ranges from 5% for smaller communities to a high of 15% for larger cities. Additional information on the AFG program is available by clicking here.

SPARKGAP can shorten response time, simplify dispatch operations, automatically report fires, improve incident command, and provide an improved method of getting people when needed.  Better yet, the system has the capability of being expanded as far as you want to go.  You can start with a single community and expand coverage as far as desired!  Additionally, the system can serve a variety of municipal government requirements.  You can learn more by clicking here.  A free Webinar is being offered by the developers of SPARKGAP at 2 PM EST on November 12th. We invite you to sit in if all possible (it will last approximately one hour). You can register by clicking here. If you can't attend, register anyway and a copy of the Webinar will be sent to you at no charge.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to do something really special for your community. We have a list of grant writers and grant consultants available if needed.  Just drop us an email for assistance. We should also note that extended payment terms are available to municipalities at extremely attractive rates.  Call us for a quote after review our FREE planner available by clicking here.  Do it TODAY!  In closing, we should note that if you have a budget surplus than needs to be spent by the end of the year, the SPARKGAP program would be a wonderful opportunity of make your community a safer place to live, work, and play.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Narrow band problems - Get the cause and cure in our free eBook!

In recent weeks, we have received numerous calls regarding problems associated with narrow banding.  These calls are coming from all kinds of folks involved in unrelated activities.

A hospital user reports that they are getting bleed over on “their frequency”.  A golf course user reports that they have no coverage out on the course. An industrial plant user reports that all their radios are not loud enough and have a lot of static.  A fire department complains that they are not getting their page alerts, and a law enforcement agency states that their officers can’t communicate reliably with dispatch in critical and dangerous areas.

ALL of these problems were caused by narrow banding. Although the cause of the problem is common, the solutions can be quite different.  Not only can the solutions be very different, the cost for fixing the problem can range from minimal to significant.  That’s the Catch 22.  How do you know that your solution provider knows what they are talking about, or for that matter, is their goal to solve your problem or to make a big sale?

Let’s start with the premise that we KNOW what we are talking about. To prove that point we offer a free eBook that is yours for the asking.  If you would like your free copy of Narrow Banding 101 eBook Planner, click here.  We will explain in clear, easy to read language why the problem exists and how to fix it – not with a single solution, but with a CHOICE of alternatives!

Sometimes, a service call might correct the problem.  Sometimes, a change of frequency and/or location may be the best alternative.  Adding enhancements to an existing system can offer significant enhancements at reasonable cost.  In some cases, the solution may be to switch to digital, but before making that decision, make sure you have all the facts.

As some of our readers know, our primary focus is on safety – in churches, communities, industrial plants, hospitals, merchants, and schools.  We have accepted the responsibility of keeping others safe through the use of efficient, reliable, and affordable wireless communications solutions.  But first, you need to know the cause of the problem, then discuss it with someone you can trust.  We hope that someone will be us.  To order your free copy of our Narrow Banding 101 eBook Planner, please click here.  If we can be of assistance, just give us a call at 800.489.2611. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Crime Buster Program introduced!

A recent incident in Talladega, Alabama left a store owner dead and a juvenile wounded in an apparent shootout between a robber and victim. Click here for report. Better communications could have prevented this tragedy and the cost would have been less than $400. Falcon Community Services is now offering a choice of wireless emergency calling systems for merchants and others who may find themselves in harms way.  Additional information is available by calling 205.854.2611.  Guest speakers are also available for Chamber of Commerce, local community groups and civic clubs.  Drop us an email to to schedule a presentation in your community.  Working together, we CAN get a grip on crime in our neighborhoods!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Then and Now - The discussion continues.......

Photo courtesy of Universal-Macomb Ambulance Service, Inc.

I received a call from Detroit last week.  It seems like a proposal has been made for emergency transport vehicles (ambulances to civilians) to dump the use of Detroit's multi-million dollar trunked 800 MHz system and go back to a single VHF channel at E911 for ambulance dispatching.

If you are not familiar with the radio problems in Detroit, click here.  Millions of dollars have been spent on equipment and a highly touted maintenance program called Managed Services which is often used as the justification for sole source purchasing.  Apparently, no other manufacturer is capable of performing such high level service, but that's not our story.  Our story is about common sense!

What these articles omit is the fact that not only fire and police are dispatched on the 800 MHz system, but ambulances as well.  Now, we are talking SERIOUS potential for loss of life.  Over a generation ago, Michigan, as well as most other states had a VHF radio system for ambulance/hospital communications that worked.  There is now a proposal to bring a single channel VHF system  back for primary ambulance dispatch communications!

A 2007 article that presents an overview of the generation old system is available by clicking here.  We've now been asked to assist in solving the dispatch problem in Detroit. That's what we are here for.  What's YOUR problem?  We are available 24/7 at 205.202.1269.  BTW, that 55 Caddie still looks pretty good doesn't it?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Incredible pricing on B-Stock inventory from Falcon Direct!

It's clean the shelves time!  We've got some great bargains in demo and trade in communications equipment.  For example, the TR-50 repeater by HYT, a great back up or on site repeater for less than $500!  Need a more powerful repeater? How about a VHF Motorola RKR1225 with your choice of 50 or 100 watts, or a 40 watt MotoTRBO analog/digital repeater for less than $800?

Check out our B-Stock inventory for incredible savings on HYT, ICOM, Motorola, Zetron and more.  Click here for more information.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sneak Peak at America's first DMR digital 2-way radio priced LOWER than analog!

Soon, very soon, YOU will be able to purchase a full powered, full featured DMR digital radio for LESS than you have been paying for analog!  Earlier, this year we introduced the BlueBox.  The tradition continues with the introduction of the Blue Button Radio, or BBR if you prefer.

The BBR is fully compatible with the DMR digital standard used by Harris, Hytera, Motorola, Tait, and Vertex when used in the open standard non-encrypted mode on single site non-trunked repeaters or conventional base stations, mobiles, and fixed base stations.

If you want to keep paying big bucks for DMR radios that are purposefully programmed to lock out competitive models, you can keep on paying.  Or, you can tell your supplier to turn off that useless proprietary encryption feature so that YOU will have control over your radio system.

If you are still using analog radios and considering a switch to digital, go with the BBR.  We don't have to lock out competition.  We ARE the competition with prices starting at UNDER $300 with your choice of the standard 16/32 channel model, or the same price for the full keypad/display model.  

The formal introduction will be made in November, 2013.    For more information, drop us an email to  The Blue Button Radio is just what YOU have been waiting for!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Church safety conference reveals simple, affordable, and effective security solutions!

We were recently privileged to attend a church safety and security conference sponsored by the Shelby County Sheriff's Department and Shelby County Chaplin's Association, hosted by the First Baptist Church in Pelham, Alabama.  The conference was well attended and covered by the local news media.  Guest speakers were present who were experts in their respective fields, along with several security equipment vendors of cameras and communications equipment (including Falcon Wireless).

After an evening of presentations and discussions, several conclusions could be made.   

1) Every church needs a safety plan and a security team equipped to deal with emergency situations (i.e. able to communicate and able to defend as in radios and weapons).

2) Monitoring and securing access is an essential part of proactive planning.  This can range  from keeping personnel at the doors during services to locking down the facility during the week when only a few people are on the premises with access granted only to those who can be identified before entry is permitted.

The key to both requirements hinges on communications with the ability to summon help quickly in time of need.  That is what our Safe-Church program is all about.  Equipping a security team with personal 2-way radios and surveillance earpieces can be done for less than two hundred dollars a person.  Providing access control can be done for less than a thousand dollars.  When arrangements can be made with local law enforcement agencies, it is possible to protect both people and property with highly efficient and affordable solutions.  Additional information is available by clicking here.  If you would like more information or a demonstration, just give us a call at 800.489.2611.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New AFG Grant eligible, NFPA approved, pager tells dispatch who got the fire call and who is coming!

I don't know if anybody has noticed, but the majority of America's firefighters are VOLUNTEERS!  With all the high tech digital communications solutions being promoted, the fact that ALERTING first responders is the first priority in firefighting.  That means PAGERS, not $3,000 over sized walkie talkies which are not designed for paging.

If that isn't bad enough, most volunteers won't wear big radios.  They have jobs, and families, and even a social life which doesn't include lugging around a radio designed for use AFTER the fire fighting activities have begun. 

What the firefighters need, and what the NFPA code calls for is personal notification by means of a device that can be worn like an article of clothing.  That, my friends is a pager.  Lots of people think paging is dead.  Not so.  Today, it is possible to get pagers that tell dispatch which people have received a call, and which ones will actually be making the call!  You are looking at one of the new generation of talk back pagers above.

Now, having said all that, we think it is time to establish county wide PAGING systems working in conjunction with 700 MHz P25 Phase 2 radios to develop a truly interoperable communications system capable of networking ALL first responders.  We think such a system has the potential of receiving a favorable review for Assistance to Firefighter grant applicants.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist by providing budgetary information, features, and benefits to help you write a winning grant application.  The AFG grant application period for 2014 will be opening in just a few weeks.  If your county fire association would be interested in more information, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to  We'll take it from there!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2014 AFG Grant Planning

The 2014 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) application period will be opening very soon.  The time to begin preparing your application is NOW!  One of the things you may want to consider is applying for 700 MHz.  After a decade of no progress in true interoperability, recognition is finally being accepted that there is only one interoperable standard approved by both Federal and State plans.

That standard is APCO P25.  Many states, including Mississippi are already in the process of moving to the new Phase 2 capability which will double channel capacity along with other enhanced features.  Open standard trunking and the opportunity to select from multiple vendors is one of the major benefits now available.

With our manufacturing partners, we are ready to assist you in developing an operational and budgetary plan so that YOU will be ready to submit a winning application.  We will be glad to meet with individual departments in Alabama or Mississippi. There is no charge for these services.  For additional information, please give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to In the meantime, if you would like to know more about other grants, just click here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our New Silent Partner Radio Speaks For Itself!

We are pleased to introduce a 2-way radio specifically designed for personal safety.  We call it the Silent Partner.  It is small, lightweight, and easily worn by those who may find themselves in harms way at any time.  Not only does it perform all the functions of other high quality 2-way radios, it also has an added feature of incalculable value!

The Silent Partner is ideal for use in hospitals,  jails and schools, by construction and school traffic control personnel, public safety first responders, and others who need reliable and affordable communications when needed.  Available in either VHF or UHF with up to 5 watts of talk power and a full watt of audio, the lowest operational cost in the industry, AND.......

a special feature that makes this radio different from all others.  THIS radio can send an emergency voice message at the push of a button to alert others when assistance is needed.  You don't even have to pick up the radio.  A convenient emergency call button on the side (or top if your prefer) of the radio allows the user to silently call for help.  There is no indication that the message is being sent.  Even the red transmit light is disabled.  Better yet, the microphone can be left on for several seconds for a live hands free transmission of on scene activity.

Want to use it outside?  Not a problem, this radio is MIL-SPEC 810E and IP65 rated for dust and water protection.  And what if it ever needs repair?  You're not going to believe how fast and inexpensively this radio can be restored to like new condition!  What did we forget?  The price maybe?  How about $199 with Lithium battery rapid desk charger, antenna, heavy duty clip, custom programming, and a one year warranty?  Want to know more?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to

Oh, BTW.  The Silent Partner is NOT digital.  Is that bad?  Depends on perspective.  Our friends out in California have spent over twenty MILLION dollars for a radio system to communicate on the Golden Gate Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco.  After YEARS of delay, it still doesn't work.  Click here for more information.  I probably don't have to tell you the name of the vendor.  Sometimes, analog is still the best!