Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Code Adam Controller Console Now Available!

Code Adam, as many of our readers know, is a missing child alert program named after Adam Walsh, son of the John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted TV program following Adam's disappearance from a Florida shopping mall.  

Following that tragic event, the Code Adam Alert program was developed, which is based on rapid mass notification.  Hospitals are at high risk of kidnapping of children.  In the event a child comes up missing, there is a need to broadcast an alert bulletin to all hospital personnel, simultaneously, over different types of radio systems.

The Code Adam Controller Console was developed to specifically address this need as well as the need for an affordable and efficient mini-console for use by small municipalities, secondary 911 dispatch centers and others operating multiple radios desiring to improve efficiency and reduce work space clutter.

The Code Adam Controller can simultaneously transmit an emergency message through multiple transmitters ranging from just two, up to eight.  The Code Adam Controller is compatible with most radio brands and models, but was specifically designed for HYT/Hytera radios such as the MD782.  Custom connector cables are optionally available for other radios as well.  The eight channel model CAC-HY8 is currently being used by the Perry County Alabama E911 center for control of HYT Model TM610 radios.  At the push of a single button, all repeaters used in the county (both fire and law enforcement) can be activated simultaneously.

An answering radio will trigger illumination of a corresponding green button indicating the identify and location of the associated repeater.  The operator can answer over an individual repeater by using the illuminated green control select button, or broadcast to all units by using the red button (See photo above).

A choice of microphones is available (goose neck shown) as well as operator headsets. Price varies on number of radios to be controlled.  Special pricing is available on Hytera control station radios or custom cables are available for Harris, ICOM, Kenwood, Motorola, Relm/BK, and Vertex radios.  The Code Adam Controller works with both analog and digital radios in the VHF, UHF, or 700/800 MHz range.

A wide variety of options is available, including 2-tone page encode, MDC decode, Message record, playback, and search (Monitor and keyboard required). Networking capability for use with PC's is also available.  Call us at 800.489.2611 for additional information or a quote.