Sunday, February 2, 2014

FastTalk-II Wireless School Intercom saves money and improves safety!

We recently attempted to add a wireless PA extension to a wired school PA system. Ordinarily, this would involve nothing more that a simple two wire connection. What we found was an operating console that looked like it was capable of piloting an astronaut to Mars.  It had it's own equipment room!  When we tried to contact the vendor, it took a week to get a return call and their response was that they would have to do the "connection" at a cost that would have exceeded the cost of our entire unit!

We received another call from a school that was looking at replacing an existing wired PA system.  The cost was in the general range of a Lamborghini!  That's when we made the decision to come up with a good wireless system that would be less expensive to buy, easier and less expensive to maintain, and provide more flexibility and enhanced classroom safety. It is called the FastTalk-II wireless PA system!

The basic system can provide both individual and group messaging to over 150 classrooms as well as auditoriums, gyms, lunchrooms, outdoor activity areas, and even temporary remote classrooms.  The price is right - just $1,090 for the office unit and $169 per classroom.  For more information on the FastTalk-II system, just click here or give us a call at 800.489.2611. BTW, this system works very well in convention centers, healthcare facilities logistic centers, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and other facilities where large numbers of people are involved.

We introduced some other interesting new products during January that you may find to be interesting as well.  Additional information is available by clicking here!  If you don't see what you want, drop us an email to  Tell us what you need.  If it's wireless, we should have your solution!