Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get a FREE Kindle with your purchase of WatchDog monitor pagers!

Hey!  Here's a deal for you on America's best value in a fire pager!  It costs 10% less than  Minitor V, yet it has a warranty that is five times longer than Minitor V.  It's called a WatchDog monitor pager.  It has super loud audio, a unique time and date stamp display for visually recording call activity, even message recording and playback if you wish.  And it operates from readily available AAA batteries, either rechargeable or alkaline so you never miss a message.

Additional information on the available models and pricing is available by clicking here.  It's a GREAT pager and it's made in the USA!  So what's the deal with the Kindle!  Just this!  Purchase five WatchDog monitor pagers, VHF or UHF, and model and you just got yourself (or your significant other), a brand new Kindle Fire.  Additional information is available on the Kindle Fire by clicking here

This is one fantastic gadget that anyone would love to own, and it can be yours, FREE, or you can order your Kindle without the pagers by clicking here 
You can order your pagers directly from our Web Store, at Amazon.com, or eBay as you choose!  Either way, YOU win!  It's our way of saying Merry Christmas from all of us here at Falcon Direct!  And, by the way - if you prefer doing business in a more traditional way, just give us a call at 800.489.2611.  We are here to serve YOU!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Confused about P25 Phase 1 and Phase II?

Can't say we are not surprised that you may have some difficulty in understanding all the different P25 offerings.  It takes a cross between an engineer and a lawyer to understand what P25 is at all!  Suffice it to say that the majority of P25 radios being sold today are "standard" or non-trunking P25 models.  Larger system users will pay the extra dollars for "trunking" capabilities (rarely required by any but VERY large users.

From a lay person's perspective, P25 is the ONLY federally approved communications standard with the single exception of LTE (a subject within itself).  The bottom line is if you want federal grant money for public safety communications, the technology of choice is P25 - PERIOD! (and "Yes" we know all about  the "exceptions).  For now, our objective is to help you decide which of the P25 "standards" is best for you.  Before proceeding further, I would suggest an excellent reference source by Daniels Electronics for the serious reader.

For now, let us just say that a non-trunking P25 radio can be purchased for under a thousand dollars.  A good trunking radio can be purchased for under $1,500 IF you are OK with Phase 1 technology.

However, BK/Relm,  EF Johnson, Harris, Motorola, and Tait are rapidly encouraging major users to go with Phase 2 upgrade capability for several reasons.  For starters, the low tier competitors don't have Phase 2 since the final standards have not been announced, but you could say with some certainty that when that standard is finalized, it will be patterned after whatever platform is used by Motorola, and it is entirely possible that many models of Motorola P25 radios will NOT be upgradeable to Phase II.  And, by the way, did we mention that going price for a P25 Phase II trunking radio will typically be MORE than two thousand dollars each, (actually closer to three thousand dollars) and did we mention that there is a Phase 3? (Just thought you might like to know).

Having said all that, there are several manufacturers offering a P25 Phase I trunking radio for under $2,000 that WILL be upgradeable to Phase II.  And who might that be?  For the answer to that question just give us a call at 800.389.2611 or email ServingU@falcondirect.com.  You'll be glad you did! In the meantime, if you are considering the purchase of MotoTRBO or ASTRO P25 radios, click here for some interesting observations.

A Special Message for Radio Renters!

If you've been thinking about renting 2-way radios for the Christmas Season, we've  got some special news just for YOU!  Now you can OWN high quality commercial grade 2-way radios with an audio earpiece for LESS than you would normally expect to pay for rental!

We're not talking about some of those little rack pack toy radios.  We are talking about top quality radios that are lightweight with long battery life (rechargeable), and proven performance.  For complete details, call Candice Staggs at 800.489.2611.  You'll be glad you did.  Oh, one more thing - we also have low cost wireless customer assist systems as well as nifty little gadget that lets you talk through your intercom system from your 2-way radio.  Call Candice today and let her make this your best Christmas retail season ever!

P.S.  These radios are also ideal for Churches and special event managers. And, we thought you might like to know that these products are made in the United States of America!   

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get a Kindle Fire FREE!

Purchase just five of the new Hytera PD782 MotoTRBO compatible analog/digital radios on our Amazon.com web site and get a brand new Kindle Fire FREE and that's not all.  Purchase before 12/31/2011 and take advantage of our Holiday Savings Instant Rebates!  The PD782 (comparable to the Motorola XPR6550), normally priced at $843, is currently available for only $599 after your instant rebate!  Your choice of VHF or UHF with FREE programming included!

When you place your order for radios, we will include a new Kindle Fire for each five PD782's ordered.  No strings - no gimmicks, just a great deal for your organization plus a great gift for someone else, or even yourself!

If you don't need any radio right now, just click on the Kindle Fire picture above and order on line.  Better yet, before you do that, call me - Joy King at 800.489.2611, and I'll tell you how to get an extra $30 off the price of your Kindle.

I just LOVE this time of the year - don't you?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New RDR-100 Rapid Deployment Repeater!

Franklin County EMA (Alabama) has accepted delivery of a new Rapid Deployment Repeater.  Designed and manufactured by Falcon Direct, the RDR-100 is available for VHF (Model 101), UHF (Model 102), or cross band VHF/UHF (Model 103) configurations for analog, digital or mixed mode voice operation.

The Model 101 provides Franklin County EMA with the combined capabilities of providing a 50 watt backup repeater for both fire departments and law enforcement agencies in the event of a malfunction at any of the multiple repeater sites throughout the county.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars per year for service contracts and relying or response/correction times that can run into days or weeks, Franklin County EMA now has the ability to instantly restore a malfunctioning repeater without the need for a technician.

In addition to backing up local area repeaters, the Franklin County RDR-100 has it's own backup in the form of a three year worry free warranty.  In the event of failure of the RDR-100, Falcon Direct keeps a spare repeater in stock, ready for immediate deployment when needed.

With up to 500 channel capability, the RDR-100 is capable of operating on standard 25 kHz or 12.5 kHz narrow band channels in either analog or P25 digital operating modes as well as mixed modes with both analog and digital radios operating on the same channel.

There are three ways to program the RDR-100.  We will do it for you from your list of desired channels.  Or, you can program it yourself using the programming keypads on the radios (no PC, cables, or software required), or the RDR-100 can be programmed with a Windows based  PC using an optional programming kit with cable, software, and instructions.

Flexibility in programming allows the RDR-100 to be quickly deployed for mutual aid outside of Franklin County when needed since it can be programmed on any VHF channels including Department of Homeland Security assigned interoperable channels.  When working with UHF users, an optional UHF radio module can be quickly installed to provide VHF to UHF cross band capability when needed.  

The standard RDR-100 is supplied with flexible connectors terminating into Type N male connectors for direct connection to associated antennas or duplexer (not supplied).  A complete line of antennas, cable kits, and duplexers are optionally available.

The rugged and reliable RDR-100 measures just 20" x 13" x 14" and weighs only 20 pounds including the impact and weather resistant polyethylene case.  RDR Series repeaters are designed to operate from 110 VAC or from a 12 volt DC automotive power source.  An internal 12 VDC battery is optionally available for low power emergency use.

With eight VHF repeaters currently operating in Franklin County, the RDR-100 can quickly pay for itself since the average annual contract maintenance is cost is $1,200 per year per repeater.  That equates to a potential budgetary savings of over $7,000 per year!

Maybe it's time for YOU to take a look at the RDR!  Additional information is available by calling Burch Falkner or Phil Rich at 800.489.2611 or just drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com. By the way, similar models are also available for DMR systems (MotoTRBO and Hytera) as well as NXDN (ICOM and Kenwood) as well as mixed analog, DMR, NXDN or P25 operation.  Call for additional information or join us on Twitter for updates at they are released.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Falcon Direct Products Now Available at Amazon!

You may have heard about our new business development plan.  Candice Staggs is using Facebook to keep closer communications with those we serve, plus making special offers that are unavailable anywhere else.  Andy Rich is handling our eBay offerings with some incredible prices on demo, overstock, and trade-in equipment, and my area is handling of Amazon.com sales with an emphasis on sales of  HYT analog 2-way radios, Hytera digital radios, and Ritron MURS radios along with a family of products we build ourselves called AlarmAlert.

Now, the deal is that each of us is competing with the other, kind of like operating divisions in a larger company.  Each one of us pretty much runs our own operation, and like any other business division; we have a responsibility to take care of our customers while making a profit for our company.  Of the three, the one that does the best job, gets an added bonus - kind of like those Wall Street investment bankers with the difference being that we actually have (a) products (b) a conscience, and (c) we are willing to settle for a reasonable income.

On the HYT and Hytera products, I have the authority to make some incredible offers to make it worthwhile for you to shop at our Amazon.com store.  Take a look at our offerings.  If you see something of interest, give me a call personally, and I will tell you more about our Rebates and Rewards program, exclusively from Falcon Direct, exclusively from ME!

My name is Joy King.  My personal email address is joy@falcondirect.com and my direct number is 800.489.2611, Extension 10.  If you need additional information on any of our products, just type in the name of the product in the Search box at the top right hand side of this Blog page or visit our main web site or go to our general information web site.  You'll be glad you did!

2011 AARS Conference Recap

The 2011 Alabama Association of Rescue Squads (AARS) Conference concluded in Decatur, Alabama on November 12th.  This was one of the best attended and sponsored conferences in recent history.  

It was my pleasure to represent Falcon Direct at this conference with a late arrival by our founder.  Burch has an incredible new system installed in his vehicle which we call MedTRAX.  In essence, it is a military grade laptop computer using a wireless internet connection through a Verizon mobile Wi-Fi hot spot module.

We were able to view Burch's progress as he traveled to Decatur on I-65.  We were able to see his exact location, his speed, and even the view through the windshield, just as if we were riding along with him!  The system has some significant benefits for patient transport vehicle since it can handle multiple cameras and send live streaming video over the Internet to a password enabled web connected PC.

One camera can be in the patient transport area for live viewing by ER doctors, another on the driver for administrative purposes, and still another for litigation protection.  Burch doesn't need a cell phone since he uses low cost Magic Jack service through Bluetooth.  He has live Internet access, email, GPS and everything you would expect to find in a modern office.  The difference is that his office is MOBILE!  He can prepare reports directly from the vehicle, process credit cards with an optional card swiper and print invoices with a mobile printer.  And get this - His mobile PC has an i5 processor, it's waterproof, and it is covered by a 3 year warranty that has NO exemptions!  If you drop it in the street and it's run over by a runaway garbage truck, it's covered under warranty!

He doesn't need a 2-way radio since he has a mobile software application that allows him to communicate with any Internet connected radio system directly from his mobile laptop and he has a pair of digital portable radios that provide him with mobile intercom and/or on-scene communications in complete compliance with HIPAA regulations.

If you would like to see a recap of the new products introduced in Decatur, just click here.  If you would like to keep up with all the new offerings and special offers from Falcon Direct, join me on our Facebook page by clicking here.  Or, if you prefer, just give me a call anytime at 800.489.2611 or email ServingU@falcondirect.com.  Candice Staggs - At Your Service!.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Falcon Direct on Facebook?

Can a company socially network?  Well, not a company, but people can, and the person in charge of social networking for Falcon Direct is none other than me!  My name is Candice Staggs.  Officially my areas of responsibility involves social networking and customer retention.  I am also involved in the care and feeding of company cats, one of which is shown here.  This particular cat later was transferred to be with me at home, but that's another story.....

The founder of our company believes that healthy tension is good for any organization.  His latest brainstorm is put three of us in friendly competition with each other.  Joy King is in charge of marketing through Amazon, Andy Rich handles our eBay store, and I have a Facebook page where I can offer special products, special pricing, and special incentives.  Joy and Andy can post special offers on our company Facebook page as well as Burch and Phil, but it's my job to make sure that you have a good reason to visit our Facebook company site at www.facebook.com/falcondirect1.

I'll make you a deal.  You help me beat out Joy and Andy, and I will save YOU some money.  I may even come up with a plan to buy your lunch, or even dinner for two at a great restaurant.  You've got everything to win and nothing to lose!  Tell you what, YOU pick any product of your choice offered by Falcon Direct in our web store at www.bestpriceradio.com, then give me a call at 800.489.2611 or email me - candice@falcondirect.com.  Just tell me you want a Facebook deal and watch me go to work for YOU!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Great deals on ICOM, Kenwood, and Motorola Radios on eBay from Falcon Direct!

My name is Andy Rich! I'm the newest face at Falcon Direct.  My primary function is managing our eBay store and making sure that we have the products you want at the price you want to pay!  You can be assured of outstanding value since I am not only in competition with other 2-way radio dealers, but two other members of the Falcon flock. 

On top of that, I work for a man who has his own web store, no one knows how many web pages and you never know from one day to the next where he will pop up.  He says competing with each other helps us all do a better job.  He may be right as he has been in this business longer than most people have been alive!  The fact is that I really can offer brand name radios at great prices!  I have a substantial stock of previously owned 2-way radios  by ICOM, Kenwood, and Motorola on my eBay store.  I've got top quality mobiles, portables, even MotoTRBO models that will meet new narrow band standards.

The stock changes frequently, so you will want to stop by my eBay store often to make sure that you don't miss out on popular radios such as the ICOM F50 portable, Motorola M1225 mobiles, and the new Motorola MotoTRBO mobiles, portables, and repeaters.

If you don't see what you want, drop me an email to Andy@falcondirect.com.  Just let me know what you are looking for and I will give you an advance notice BEFORE we place out latest items on eBay!  You can check out my eBay offerings by clicking here or by going directly to myworld.ebay.com/straightfromfalcon.  Either way, you'll get great products at fabulous prices with the best customer service available anywhere - I guarantee it! If I can be of assistance in any way, please give me a call at 800.489.2611.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Want to put an end to copper theft?

Copper theft is an increasing problem, in particular for churches, schools, and business.  Any structure that is not occupied 24/7 is a risk from the destruction of property caused by one of the most senseless crimes imaginable.  To destroy a ten thousand dollar air conditioner for a few hundred dollars worth of copper is costing millions of dollars a year in insurance claims, deductibles, and outright loss by those who are uninsured.

Worse yet, these same thieves often enter the premises, causing even more damage. Now there is a way to fight back!  It's called AlarmAlert!  New wireless technology provides a means of sending instant notification to a participating law enforcement agency, volunteer fire department or private citizens equipped with a receiving device.

The heart of it all is a cigarette pack sized sensor as shown above that attaches to the air conditioner.  In the event of tampering, this sensor can send a voice alarm message to most VHF or UHF 2-way radios used by public safety agencies.  Within seconds, first responders can be notified and on the way!

There are no installation costs, no monthly monitoring fees, and no delays associated with third party alarm centers.  Best of all, the cost is often less that the cost of the minimum deductible for most insurance policies!  Additional information is available at www.info4u.us/AlarmAlert.pdf.  Check it out - you'll be glad you did!