Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grant Money Available for Law Enforcement Agencies

The U.S. Department of Justice FY 2013 Competitive Grant for Smart Policing Initiative is now open.  The closing date is February 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

As our law enforcement readers know, this is a two-step grant with no match required by the agency.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that this grant is competitive and is based on concepts developed to reduce crime in the community.  In simple terms, this grant is not based on need.  It is based on the development of techniques that can be shared with others.

Those fortunate few who pass the first phase will be expected to come up with some pretty sophisticated partners in the area of technology, reporting, and documenting results.  Falcon Community Services is one of only a few support organizations possessing both both technology and administrative support.  

More importantly, we have developed systems and services that can provided enhanced protection for people, places, and property in targeted high crime areas.  For the protection of people, we offer programs for those who are at high risk, in particular students in schools, establishments serving the public that deal with cash, and persons under threat of potential physical abuse.

With burglary on the rise, we offer a premise monitoring system capable of instantly reporting entry into unmanned premises via direct notification to on-duty law enforcement personnel. A similar system is available to monitor property such as air conditioners, farm equipment, metal, and other items that can be stolen and sold at salvage yards or to private individuals. A mini-catalog is available with budgetary pricing for the various systems is available by clicking here.

We can work directly with department personnel, grant writers, and administrators as a team for a win-win proposition for all concerned.  There is not much time left, but there is still time to work together for safer communities.  You can learn more about us and what we do at  Better yet, give us a call at 205.854.2611 or drop us an email to  You'll be glad you did!

Friday, January 25, 2013

An important message to school administrators!

We help schools keep kids safe!

When you've got a bad guy in the school, we can show you how to get the situation quickly under control.  A simple, proven, and affordable enhancement to your school safety plan is now available that will provide an effective response to emergency conditions.

Several years ago, we developed a courtroom security system known as the Companion.  In essence, each courtroom as well as the District and Circuit Court offices were provided with personal wireless call buttons.  When assistance was needed, the Judge, Bailiff, or Clerk simply pushes a button on small key fob. 

 Let's say a teacher in Classroom 12 has a situation requiring assistance.  He or she simply presses a personal wireless call button.  This sends a call directly to the School Resource Officer (SRO) as well as school administrative personnel equipped with portable 2-way radios.  The broadcast message would be something like Assistance required in Classroom 12.

We also have the added capability of accessing the school PA system at the same time.  This alerts the entire school when there is a problem as well as the potential troublemaker!.  In many cases, this feature alone may cause the troublemaker to abort their plans.  Simultaneously, all classrooms in the school can instantly go into the lock down mode while response personnel are on the way to the trouble spot.  This new system is called Companion II and it is available right now!

For additional information on our company, please visit  For a demonstration, more information, or assistance in developing viable funding resources, please call me personally at 800.489.2611.  I look forward to working with you to make Alabama schools the safest in the nation!

Burch Falkner, CEO
Falcon Community Services
Birmingham, AL

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cellphone Detector for Churches

Today, in many American churches, it is not an uncommon sight to see a sign in the lobby (or vestibule if you prefer) requesting attendees to turn off their cell phones before entering the sanctuary.  Similar signs are showing up in all types of public places including concert halls, courtrooms, hospitals, libraries, upscale restaurants, schools, theaters, etc.

Most of us don't mean to be rude, nor do we want to be embarrassed when out cell phone "rings" in a public place.  We know we should turn our phones off, and most of the time, we do (or at least switch to the vibrate mode).  Still, we forget.  What we need is a little aid in helping us remember.  That little help is now here!

We call it the CellBuster!  This unique device can detect virtually any type of cellphone, even when they are not being used!  A lighted plastic sign can be installed at entrances to remind visitors to turn their wireless devices off.  If they don't turn their cellphones off before entering the sanctuary, the sign lights up, an audible alarm sounds and a voice message is broadcast indicating that a cellphone has been detected and should be turned off.

After awhile, folks will learn that the best way to keep the CellBuster quiet is to turn off their cellphones before entering the premises.  The detection range of the CellBuster can be set as desired by the user.  In smaller churches, a single device, installed in the lobby will be sufficient.  In larger churches, the recommended practice is to install a dedicated device to cover each entry door into the sanctuary.  Sometimes, a single device can be used to cover two doors in intermediate sized buildings.

CellBuster is part of a family of products developed especially for churches and schools to enhance privacy and security.  CellBuster is effective and affordable.  In fact, it can be FREE for those churches and schools that implement our new classroom safety program.  Call us at 800.489.2611 for more information.

And, in closing, we would be remiss not to advise you that there is an alternative to the CellBuster.  Click here for more information on the alternative!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Falcon Direct Web Page!

As most of our readers know, we put out a lot of information in a variety of formats, specifically addressed to individual user groups.  This abundance of information has proven to be both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing, since it allows us to develop and share information on products and services of particular interest to individual users.  For example, emergency healthcare, fire & rescue, law enforcement, and municipal government all have common areas of concern but different needs and responsibilities.  A curse, because it can be cumbersome for a reader to quickly find the exact information they are seeking.

On-line purchasing has similar pros and cons.  All too often, a web store offers nothing more than a brief description of the product and a price.  We think you are entitled to as much information as you need to make an informed decision. For example,  let's address the subject of affordable and reliable license free radios.  We offer three levels on information on this topic including an overview, detailed information, and your choice of purchasing through Amazon, eBay, or our on-line web store.

We have made an attempt to tie all these things together at the new  Take a look and let us know if you like the new format by giving us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to  As always, it is our pleasure to serve YOU!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Narrow Band Report - 2013

The narrow band deadline is now past, or is it?

Most, not all, licensees have now converted to narrow band.  Most, not all, conversions have gone fairly well.  There are exceptions, in particular with those that have radios capable of operating in the companded mode.  The term companding may be new to you.  For additional information, click here

Without getting technical, there are various operating systems used by different manufacturers.  The idea is to compress and expand transmitted audio to reduce the effect of increased noise and reduced volume associated with narrow banding of 2-way radio channel bandwidth.

In theory, companding is a good thing.  In reality, it NOT such a good thing unless all of your radios are the same brand, or better yet, the same model. As you will see in the previously referenced patent information, there are numerous patent holders with Radio Shack being the originator.  You don't think Motorola, Kenwood, or ICOM is going to pay Radio Shack patent royalties do you?

The result is that the companding systems apparently work only on tone squelch activated channels and only with radios of the individual manufacturer.  I haven't found any evidence to support this theory except to say if you have a mixed brand radio system, it will work better if you turn the companding option OFF!

As far as reduced audio is concerned, make sure that you choose analog portable radios with the highest audio output available.  500 millwatts (mW) is fine for wide band (25 kHz) channels or for narrow band (12.5 kHz) or very narrow band (6.25 kHz) DIGITAL channels.  500 millwatts is not recommended for narrow band ANALOG radio systems.  700 mW's is our recommended minimum with 1000 mW being the best choice if available.

Digital Audio Processing (DAP) also improves signal quality for analog narrow band radio systems.  Many of the older repeaters will convert to narrow band, but we recommend replacement with a new repeater such as the Hytera RD-982AN.  You can trade in your old repeater and get a brand new 50 watt analog repeater for less than a thousand dollars!  Better yet, you get a five year warranty, and this repeater can be upgraded to DMR digital when you are ready (DMR is the digital format offered by Hytera and Motorola).

Give us a call at 800.489.2611.  Tell us what you have to trade and we'll take it from there!  In the meantime, if you are having low audio problems after narrow banding mixed brand radios, we suggest that you turn the Companding option OFF!.  P.S.  That's a picture of the RD-982AN above.  It is built to last for a long, long time and it is fully compatible with the incredible Hytera Smart Dispatch system.

For additional information on narrow banding, on the topics of operation considerations, discussions on upgrading to digital, regulatory (FCC policies, enforcement, etc.) and technical issues, just type in the word narrow banding in the Search Box above the date at the beginning of this posting.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Improved School Safety for 20 cents per classroom!

Improved school safety in not an option.  It is an OBLIGATION to our children and those entrusted with their safety!  That is why we have developed SNAP, the Safety Notification Announcement Program!

The basic SNAP system can equip up to 50 classroom teachers and/or administrative personnel with personal wireless calling buttons.  Simply pushing a button sends a distress notification voice message over the school Public Address system. The message provides the location of the classroom or area requiring assistance or other information as desired..  

If School Resource Officers (SRO's) are available on the premises, the call can be sent directly to their 2-way radio, through the PA system, or both!  If no SRO is available on the premises, the distress message can be sent directly to the nearest law enforcement officer, or both to the SRO and outside law enforcement personnel if desired.

What does all this cost?  Just 20 cents per day per classroom!  Want to know more?  Just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or drop us an email to  If you would like information on other community service products, see our special web site at  You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What you need to know about MURS!

We received several calls this week regarding MURS radios. We felt  the questions and answers might be of interest to others considering  the purchase of the radios offered at  The first question was from a church wanting to know if the MURS radio could cover a 100,000 square foot, three floor facility.  The answer is that a 2 watt VHF MURS radio can be expected to cover up to 15 floors or 250,000 square feet.

A contractor called wanting to know what kind of range could be expected for outdoor use of MURS portables.  The answer is  that a VHF 2 watt MURS radio has a Line-of-Sight range of up to 2-4 miles. Range can be extended with our MURS fixed stations when required.

Our answers are based on engineering probabilities based on established testing and performance, not marketing mumbo jumbo.  Obviously, there can be exceptions, but these answers should help prospective users to separate fact from fiction.

Another common question is why can't any FCC type approved 2 watt radio be used for MURS operation?  There are two answers involving both legal and technical issues.  Legally, any radio operated on MURS frequencies must be approved under FCC Rule Part 95, Subpart J.  Radios approved for FCC Rule Part 90 have different technical standards such as channel spacing.  MURS radios have a channel spacing of 11.25 kHz versus 12.5 kHz for Part 90 radios.  Long story short, if the radio is not Part 95 approved, MURS channels cannot be used. Click here for more information.

Another frequent question is how many channels are available?  The answer is five, although the basic five frequencies can be configured for different functions such as selective call paging, receipt of alarms or device notifications, private talk groups, etc.  We offer two MURS portables.  One has up to eight channel configurations, the other up to ten.  If you have additional questions about MURS, please visit our web site at or just give us a call at 205.854.2611.  We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

For 2013, our focus is on YOU!

Putting our focus on serving those who serve others is our goal for 2013, and that focus is on YOU!  Last year, we began developing programs that allowed us to apply our experience in crime prevention, public safety, revenue enhancement and cost reduction programs. These programs are offered through specialized operating groups that are all a part of Falcon Direct.

Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to each of our specialized groups with more detailed information on what they do, how they work together, and how they can benefit YOU! For now, our major point is that we can help reduce crime and enhance safety through unique partnerships within the business community and/or strategic alliances with local area law enforcement agencies.

We have developed programs and specialized products to help both business and governmental users to improve productivity, develop workable energy management solutions, reduce litigation exposure, and improve public relations.

Our primary background in wireless communications allows us to offer some truly unique and affordable solutions to the unique communications needs of emergency medicine, public safety and business communications.

Lastly, we have developed significant expertise in the ability to find grant money, both government and corporate, to help smaller government entities to acquire much needed equipment and services to better serve their residents.  In short, our slogan says it all.  We serve those who serve others.  We've been doing it for over a quarter century and this year, we are doing it better than ever!

For additional information, just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or email  We'll be looking forward to working with YOU this year!