Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Special Message to Police Chiefs


It's a bad guy, Arnold the assaulter!  He is in a convenience store, a credit union, a court room, or worst of all - in one of your schools.  Maybe he only wants money, or he may have mayhem on his mind.  In either event, the odds are in his favor that he will succeed in his endeavor because time is on his side!

His buddy is Bill the burglar.  He specializes in stealing things, not so much from people directly, but by breaking into unoccupied premises, both business and residential.  His cousin, Carl the car thief, specializes in vehicle theft. Like his cousin, Arnold the assaulter, he knows that time is on his side as well. Rarely does it take more than a few minutes to complete his mission since in the typical city, the response time averages around ten minutes.

One of the worst of the bunch is the guy that causes more damage than the value of what he steals - Calvin the copper thief.  For a few hundred dollars worth of copper, he will destroy a ten thousand dollar air conditioner or a half million dollar unoccupied residence or construction site. The property owner suffers not only the temporary loss of the premises and the cost of replacement, but the insurance deductible (if they have insurance).  Worse yet, Calvin will sometimes commit arson to cover his tracks.

Arnold, Bill, Calvin, and Carl all have one thing in common.  TIME is in their favor! On average, they have about ten minutes before law enforcement shows up. Until those odds change, the bad guys win and your community will continue to pay in terms of property loss, higher insurance rates, the risk of personal assault, and loss of productivity.  Fortunately, there is something that you can do about it.  You can tell your Mayor and council that you support a new program known as based on new technology known as SparkGap which can help reduce your response time from ten minutes or more to less than two minutes! 

This program can also benefit your fire department by reducing response time, avoiding litigation (a benefit to you as well - details available on request).  Additional information on the fire department program is available at The benefits to those you serve, including banks, business owners, churches, convenience stores, credit unions, day care centers, hospitals, industrial plants, medical clinics, neighborhoods, pharmacies, and private schools are incalculable!

The cost of participation for your department can range from minimal to nothing, depending on availability of funds (a topic for a later discussion) and support by your community (See for additional information).  We will be presenting the details of this program to your Mayor and Council shortly.  In the meantime, we would appreciate your review of the information available at If you agree that this could be a good thing for your community, we request that you let your city administrators know that you support the program.  Thank you!  For more information, email us at or give us a call at 205.854.2611.