Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tee Call System for better golf course administration and happy golfers

Today, the key to success in business is CUSTOMER SERVICE!  As an example, visit you local golf course and see how well they take care of you.  The best ones are 100% committed to make sure that you have the best playing experience possible!  We have long supplied wireless call boxes for ordering food and beverages on the course.  We didn't come up with the idea, but a course manager on the Alabama gulf coast asked us if we could provide a wireless PA system to let guests know when they were next in line to begin play.  He wondered if it could be done for less than a thousand dollars.  The answer was, and is, YES!

Wired PA systems are expensive, both in terms of equipment cost and installation.  The new LoudMouth wireless PA unit can be placed anywhere that AC power is available.  Better yet, it can be controlled from a fixed station unit in the golf shop, or anywhere within a one mile radius from a VHF or UHF portable radio.  We even have one version that does not require an FCC license.  If you are a golf course manager, and you would like to provide the ultimate in guest services, you need to look into our Tee Call System using LoudMouth technology.

For additional information without obligation, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to  And, BTW, if the high cost of purchasing and maintaining two way radios is our of control, you need to be talking to us!  Tell you what we will do.  You fill out a simple form telling us a little more about what radios you are now using, and we will come back to you with recommendations to cut equipment purchase cost, extend useful life, reduce downtime, and drastically cut maintenance cost.  We may be able to save you enough money to pay for a Tee Call System.  Just click here to download the Questionnaire. You can fill it in on line in just a few minutes, then return it to us for a free no charge report.  You have everything to win, and nothing to lose!