Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our New Look for 2016

We're Going Mobile!

Most everyone makes New Years resolutions.  Ours is to serve you better by making it easier to get faster, easier access to information on our products and services!  That means going MOBILE for our Smartphone and Tablet users plus adding video messages on our regular web pages. And, that's not all!

We are also forming alliances with key partners to combine capabilities to provide you with products, and services like you will find nowhere else!  The first of these alliances is with Birmingham Two Way, one of the oldest and  most experienced communications companies in the USA.  

The picture at the left is the mobile version for our web site. We are doing some very unusual things as you will discover when you visit our mobile site by clicking here. If you prefer a web page optimized for desktop or laptop PC's, you are only a click away from the standard web site. On this web site, as well as our regular Falcon Wireless and related web sites, you will be greeted by a short one minute video to give you an overview of what we do, how we do it, and why that may be of benefit to anyone seeking the best value in airtime free wireless communications.

Later this month, we will be "mobilizing" our Falcon Wireless web site as well as several other web sites which will be available shortly.  New products developed by key channel partners as well as a complete family of products of our own manufacture will be available to enhance the benefits of private wireless communications.  We believe 2016 is going to a great year.  All of us here at Falcon Wireless, and those who are working with us, wish you a very Happy New Year with our pledge to to do our best to help make 2016 YOUR best year ever!

Want an example of our commitment? One of our 911 customers called at 10.30 AM on New Years eve advising that a police repeater was down.  They are 100 miles away.  By 5:00 PM, they were back on the air and I still got home in time to see the Cotton Bowl, which unfortunately was not that good a game (at least for Michigan.....).

Friday, November 27, 2015

New CS Series Radios from Falcon Wireless

 We're guessing that you have NEVER seen 2-way radios as flexible, reliable, and affordable as our new CS Series radios.  Three great radios to fit the needs and the budget of every user.  The VERY affordable CS-STD (shown above) can speak for itself at the push of a button, talk on 800 MHz trunked radio systems (with an assist from our optional BlueBox), activate alarms and sirens, identify itself, and even duplicate the paging alert tone of Motorola Minitor pagers!  And it can do all these things for under $200, and that's just for starters!  Additional information is available by clicking here.

Motorola and Minitor and registered trademarks of Motorola Solutions

Monday, November 16, 2015

A special message for Fire Department, Hospital, Law Enforcement and School 800 MHz radio users

700 and 800 MHz trunked radio systems generally provide great coverage and a lot of user benefits. As for interoperability, it's pretty good for open standard P25.  For ASTROÒ 25, EDACSÒ, and SMARTNETÒ, not so good. As for cost?  Trunked 700/800 MHz radio systems are expensive to buy, expensive to operate, expensive to maintain, expensive to upgrade, and even the accessories like batteries and speaker-microphones are expensive! That's why we developed the BlueBox!

BlueBox is basically a thousand dollar gadget that links 700/800 MHz radio systems to low cost VHF or UHF radios. Want a couple of examples of how this can benefit your department?  We'll give you SIX examples in our free BlueBox Primer for Law Enforcement.  We also have primers for fire departments, hospitals, and schools. You owe it to yourself to learn more about BlueBox!  For additional information, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email and request your free copy of our BlueBox Primer.  Just let us know which edition would best fit your needs - Fire Department, Hospital, Law Enforcement, or Schools. There is no charge or obligation.Get ready to be AMAZED!

AstroÒ 25 and SMARTNETÒ are registered trademarks of Motorola Solutions.  EDACSÒ is a registered trademark of Ericsson, Inc.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One of Alabama's largest Motorola 2-way dealers closes doors

After 70 years in business, McCord Communications of Anniston and Gadsden, Alabama is no more.  How did that happen?

We call it the buggy builder syndrome, a condition that reflects an inability to adapt to changing conditions.  The Internet, consolidation, foreign competition, and diminishing profits have changed the way business in a way unequaled in history.  

At the same time, change creates new opportunities for those who can recognize and adapt to new ways of doing business. Some adapt by consolidation, others by controlling access to critical infrastructure and technology.  

We think the right way is to capitalize on experience and adapt to the new business opportunities brought about by change.  You can learn more about our thoughts on this subject with an explanation of the buggy builder syndrome by clicking here.  For additional information on the closing of McCord Communications, click here.
Photo courtesy of the Anniston Star

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Join us in doing something really good for your community!

Teamwork is a good thing.  That is why we are offering the opportunity for others to work with us in making our communities better places to live, work, and play! There is room on this team for everybody - other dealers looking for new opportunities, small broadcast stations, retirees, municipalities, neighborhood associations, even volunteer groups (as in volunteer fire and rescue departments)!  Click here for more information.  Who knows? This could be the next big thing in your life!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Here's your next radio, the TP8000R Pager-Recorder-Radio!


The TP8000R, the personal 2-way radio that puts incident command right in your pocket.  Available in VHF or UHF, the TP8000R has all the quality, features and reliability you would expect in radios costing hundreds of dollars more.

The thing that sets the TP8000R apart from all the rest is an internal message recorder/playback system.  This system literally has the power of a 911 message recording system costing thousands of dollars, right in your pocket! 

This little 9 ounce radio can record up to 100 hours of non-erasable messages available for instant playback.  You can even transfer your time and date stamped messages to your PC for archiving and retrieval.

And that's not all!  You can dunk it, drop it, freeze it, and shoot it.  It just keeps on working! It can tell you who is talking.  It can keep quiet until called or monitor everything. It can talk loud and clear with minimal operating cost in either clear text or scrambled speech modes.  Want to know more? Give us a call at 205.854.2611.  We would love to hear from you!

Friday, November 6, 2015

How to have Interoperable communications AND low cost!

Chief David Jayne,
of the McCalla Alabama Fire District had a question and it was this...

How can I be interoperable capable with a 700/800 MHz trunked radio network using two thousand dollar radios when all I really need on the fire ground is a perfectly adequate two HUNDRED dollar radio?  If you have the same question, click here!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Introducing the new ComFit Pro Audio Boom Microphone

Over the years, we have seen the prices of radios and audio accessories continue to decrease which is a good thing, UNLESS the quality, performance, and durability degrade at a similar pace.  The so called "surveillance headsets"(earpiece with lip microphone) are very popular with our church, gaming, hospitality, hospital, logistics, school, and retail store users.  Most are priced in the $30 to $50 range.

We have a new ultra lightweight headset that is priced in the SEVENTY dollar range (actually $69 for the popular 2-pin connector), and it's worth every nickel of the difference! It's called a ComFit Pro Audio Boom Microphone. We've got a short little video that will tell you more.  It only takes a few minutes to watch, and after viewing, we think you will agree, that cheaper is not always better.  Click here for the video. After viewing, give us a call at 800.489.2611. After you use the ComFit, we think you'll never go back to whatever you were using before! Models are available for most 2-way radios.  Give it a try - you'll see!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Code Adam Controller Console Now Available!

Code Adam, as many of our readers know, is a missing child alert program named after Adam Walsh, son of the John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted TV program following Adam's disappearance from a Florida shopping mall.  

Following that tragic event, the Code Adam Alert program was developed, which is based on rapid mass notification.  Hospitals are at high risk of kidnapping of children.  In the event a child comes up missing, there is a need to broadcast an alert bulletin to all hospital personnel, simultaneously, over different types of radio systems.

The Code Adam Controller Console was developed to specifically address this need as well as the need for an affordable and efficient mini-console for use by small municipalities, secondary 911 dispatch centers and others operating multiple radios desiring to improve efficiency and reduce work space clutter.

The Code Adam Controller can simultaneously transmit an emergency message through multiple transmitters ranging from just two, up to eight.  The Code Adam Controller is compatible with most radio brands and models, but was specifically designed for HYT/Hytera radios such as the MD782.  Custom connector cables are optionally available for other radios as well.  The eight channel model CAC-HY8 is currently being used by the Perry County Alabama E911 center for control of HYT Model TM610 radios.  At the push of a single button, all repeaters used in the county (both fire and law enforcement) can be activated simultaneously.

An answering radio will trigger illumination of a corresponding green button indicating the identify and location of the associated repeater.  The operator can answer over an individual repeater by using the illuminated green control select button, or broadcast to all units by using the red button (See photo above).

A choice of microphones is available (goose neck shown) as well as operator headsets. Price varies on number of radios to be controlled.  Special pricing is available on Hytera control station radios or custom cables are available for Harris, ICOM, Kenwood, Motorola, Relm/BK, and Vertex radios.  The Code Adam Controller works with both analog and digital radios in the VHF, UHF, or 700/800 MHz range.

A wide variety of options is available, including 2-tone page encode, MDC decode, Message record, playback, and search (Monitor and keyboard required). Networking capability for use with PC's is also available.  Call us at 800.489.2611 for additional information or a quote.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Special Message for 2-way, Paging, and Security Dealers


Many of our readers are involved in the 2-way communications, paging, and security business - all of which are suffering from intense competition, diminishing profits, and changing technology.  I received a quote from a Chinese manufacturer the other day who offered Android TABLET devices for $30 each including shipping to the US.  How much cheaper can electronics get?

Several years ago, we started looking for something else to do that could be based on our experience in wireless communications. We are now ready to share our findings with others seeking a better business model in wireless products and services.  Additional information is available by clicking here.

We will continue to use this Blog page for unscheduled updates on what we are doing but if you want the latest updates on what is happening in the wireless messaging industry, we invite you to sign up for Brad Dye's Wireless Messaging Newsletter.  It's published weekly, sent by email, and there is no charge.  Click here to sign up.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Special Message to those interested in improved courthouse security.......

This is a special message to those who are responsible for the security of others, whether in a a church, a courthouse, a municipal office or a school. If you would like to know more, just go to  You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Question of the month.......

Can you name the largest single user on the MSWIN radio network, excluding the State of Mississippi? 

No, it is not the Jackson Fire Department, or Tallahatchie County, or even the National Guard.  MSWIN (Mississippi State Wireless Information Network) is one of the most advanced and extensive P25 radio networks in the USA. 

You might expect the largest single user to be a Motorola, Harris, or Tait customer. Not so!  So who is this user and what brand of radio are they using?  Well the answer is Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS with over 200 radios on the MSWIN system.  And the brand of those radios?  Relm Wireless, the KNG of all radios!  Want to know more about Relm P25 radios and why they might be the best choice for you?  Click here! Want to see what's new from Relm? Drop by and visit the Falcon/Relm Booth at the MS Police Chiefs Summer Conference, June 16-19, at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi, MS.  

Monday, May 4, 2015

Here is your quiz question for May 2015

Answer the question, solve a problem!

What can a fire department purchase for under $2,000 that will help them potentially reduce insurance rates in their community? Reduce cost of radio maintenance while simultaneously getting malfunctioning VHF or UHF repeater stations back on the air quicker? Improve system reliability and enhance response capability? AND, significantly reduce the cost of potential  litigation defense?  If you would like to know more, click here!  BTW, it offers similar benefits for law enforcement agencies!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Got a pager problem since narrow banding? We've got your solution!

We just developed a nifty new product. 

We call it a a VoiceTXTR (pronounced voice texter).  In essence, the VoiceTXTR picks up 2-tone voice pager calls and immediately re-sends them as a text message to regular cell phones or an email message with an attached audio file of the message to smart phones.

If your voice pager doesn't get the call, your cell phone will (well, assuming you have cellular coverage), anywhere you cell phone works.  The heart of the system is the box shown at the left.  It can be mounted anywhere your paging calls can be picked up (911 or the local fire station would be a good choice).  You'll need AC power and an Internet connection plus a list of phone numbers of the people who will be using the system (we also need to know the company providing cellular service for each user).

The complete system is just $1,249 for the first 25 users.  Additional user groups of 25 are $75 each.  There are NO monthly service charges. See for additional information, or just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email  You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

When you need help in a hurry, you need an AutoTalker!

Do you see that little orange button next to thumb on the hand at the right? Guess what it can do? That little orange button provides you with INSTANT notification to those who can provide assistance when needed, not ten minutes or more which is the typical call response time if you live in city, or MUCH longer in rural areas! 

That little button is used for emergency calls for assistance from a tiny personal 2-way communicator which we call the AutoTalker.  The AutoTalker can send a voice message at the touch of a button to a public safety dispatch facility, to the local law enforcement agency, to emergency response volunteers, or all of them including your neighbors! 

AutoTalker messages can be transmitted to VHF, UHF, or 700/800 MHz radios, analog or digital as well as by text messages to cell phones, or email to PC's or Smartphones and it can get the emergency message to those who can provide help instantly!  

Typically, response times are at are least five times faster than the typical call reporting time through a commercial alarm service and 911.Not only can AutoTalker send emergency messages, it can receive them as well, and AutoTalkers can talk with each other!  This makes AutoTalker the ideal emergency call system for business, churches, government offices, schools, even neighborhoods.  

Best of all, the support infrastructure cost ranges from nothing to minimal, and there are NO monthly charges! You simply have to see it to believe it! So the question is - What does it cost?  The answer - $249 when used with existing VHF or UHF 2-way radios or $199 when used with our Premise Notification Accelerator terminal! Want to know more?  Give us a call at 205.854.2611 or visit

Friday, February 27, 2015

People at their best

Some of our readers know about Police Chief Michael Kelly of Seminary, MS; one of God's special people, put here as an example for the rest of us.  Michael deals with family issues on a daily basis that are simply beyond the comprehension for most of us.  Yet, he has a great concern for his community and steps out to do extraordinary things to make his town a better and safer place for everyone.

We are proud to have served Michael in a variety of ways, one of which is the co-development of the SafeCity program.  The first phase involved church security.  Now, the second phase is being introduced to serve schools, and ultimately, the whole community. One of the truly amazing things about Michael is that he is not afraid to step out on faith as he is doing now.  

He needs $5,000. In the first 24 hours, he raised $100.  Do you think he is discouraged?  If so, you don't know Michael. Click here for more information on Michael's current project. As for me, my prayer is that one day I will have the faith, the strength, the vision, and the desire to help others, that is so evident in this very special man.  We are all blessed to be able to work with him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Attaboy Award to the New Orleans FCC Field Enforcement Office!

One of our customers, plus several others we discovered, were being interfered with by an unlicensed MotoTRBO user. The MotoTRBO user had a valid FCC license for analog operation.  Apparently his vendor forgot to remind him that moving up to digital had some legal responsibilities. Probably just an oversight huh?  Or do you think that maybe it might have been because the dealer knew that there was no way to get the system properly licensed at the power output sold due to the proximity of nearby  co-channel users.

Suffice it to say, that we found the offending licensee, contacted the FCC Field Office at 2:00 PM. By 3:00 PM the illegal user had been contacted and worked out a plan to QUICKLY resolve the issue. For all you folks that think the FCC isn't sensitive to illegal operation, let me tell you that they ARE, and they can, and will, act quickly.

If you are a MotoTRBO user, are you sure that YOUR license has been properly updated for digital operation? Guess what?  It's not your dealer's responsibility.  It's YOUR'S!  Would you like a free check to see if everything is OK with your FCC license?  Give us a call at 205.854.2611.  Who knows, maybe one day we can do some business together!  And as for you guys at the FCC office in New Orleans - Congratulations, you are the winner of the February Bouquet Award! Oh, BTW, the dealer who put this user in this position, and the trouble he caused other licensed users, and the time it took us to find the problem, YOU get the Brickbat award!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Motorola Solutions for sale?

Well now!  What do you think about this? Motorola possibly being acquired by Honeywell, General Dynamics, or other possible buyer!  Can you possibly imagine why? Wonder what the new company will be called? Maybe HoRola, or MoDynamics? Wow the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Click here for the full story. Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

From Russia with love!

You gotta love those Russian programmers!  For only $149, including shipping, they can send you a scanning receiver board that reads both DMR and APCO 25 radio calls in the VHF and UHF bands - conventional or trunked!  

No 700/800 MHz versions are yet ready for shipment, but it can't be long now.  So all you folks who bought in on the story told by your friendly salesman the MotoTRBO and P25 radios could be picked up on a scanner may be now questioning the knowledge or honesty (or both) by the guy is supposed to have your back! Click here for more information

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What In The World is a Super-City?

A Super-City is a place where the City Hall, Courtrooms, the Library, the Seniors Center, and the Utility office can be equipped to get assistance when needed really fast when needed.  A Super-City is a place where schools are made safer with affordable and efficient technology.  A Super-City is a place where churches can get the fastest possible response to all kinds of emergencies without the burden of a long term security services contract.  A Super-City is a place where merchants can do business with the peace of mind in knowing that their people, property, and premises can be protected with technology that can reduce response time from 10 minutes or more to 2 minutes or less.  

A Super-City is a place where neighborhoods are made safer and help, when needed, is available in a hurry.  A Super-City is a place where the high cost of emergency medical services can be significantly reduced while simultaneously improving response times.  A Super-City is a place where government, business, and the public work together to reduce insurance rates and improve the chances of obtaining federal grant funds for needed projects.  A Super-City is a place where people want to live.  

More people means more business.  More business means added tax revenues. Added tax revenues means lower taxes and better municipal services for the the entire community. A Super-City is ready for all emergencies with the infrastructure available to effectively coordinate first responders, both professional and volunteer.

A Super-City is a community working together with the common goal of making their city a better place to live, work, and play.  THAT'S what a Super-City is!  Your city can be one too!

Birmingham is in the planning stages. Evergreen, Gadsden, Greenville, Oxford, Piedmont, and Weaver have already taken the first steps in Alabama, as well as the City of Seminary, Mississippi.  Rochester and Monroe County, NY are well along the way to meeting full Super-City Status.  More info is available on the web at

Want to be a Super-City?  You can start at the level of your choosing or plan for a total community system possibly funded by federal grant assistance. Call us at 205.854.2611.  Do it TODAY!.  

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 2015 eNewsletter Now On Line

Everybody, well almost everybody, makes New Year's Resolutions.  Mostly this involves the statement "I'm going to do better" followed by whatever subject is applicable. So, after a quarter century of  doing business pretty much like everyone else, we decided to change EVERYTHING! You can read more about our changes, why we made them, and how they could effect you by clicking here.