Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Special Message to Fire Chiefs!


This might have been prevented if the local fire department had known about the SparkGap system and been an Alliance21 participant.  The church could have purchased a low cost alarm notification unit that could have notified first responders in the event of unauthorized entry, smoke detection, even tampering with the air conditioner.  Within 5 seconds or less, SparkGap can alert church leaders, the local fire department, police department, or all three as applicable.  The entire system could cost the church, school, or business LESS than the cost of the typical deductible for those who have insurance!

The SparkGap system can speed up 911 calls as well.  With a single keystroke, a 911 call taker can transmit the entire incident information to first responders with message delivery accomplished and acknowledged within less than 10 seconds!  There is no need for a call taker to select a dispatch radio or broadcast a voice message and wait for a reply.  The message can be sent to a single department, multiple departments, and selected officials as desired.

The first responders don't have to lug around a two pound radio with a big antenna poking them in the ribs.  They simply WEAR a tiny device known as a Responder that weighs less than four ounces.  Batteries last DAYS, not hours before recharging is necessary, and the user can selectively choose whether to be audibly or silently alerted.

Being late to the fire has SERIOUS consequences.  Loss of life, injury, and property damage resulting from negligence is a trial lawyers dream.  If it can be proven that your department was in violation of ISO, NFPA, and/or OSHA standards, your department is at major litigation risk.  The fact is that you most likely ARE in violation of ALL the above standards.  The good news is that these issues can be quickly addressed and resolved at minimal expense (a LOT less that the cost of legal defense, whether the case is valid or not).  SparkGap, along with other products exclusively available from Falcon Wireless Direct can provide efficient, affordable solutions.

If that isn't enough bad news, your police department faces similar legal exposure. What you don't know CAN hurt you. Fortunately, we have a solution that is being proposed to the Mayor of your city.  Our proposal includes addressing the needs all the needs of your city, including courtroom security, the police department, public works, schools, transportation, and utilities.

And, the Sparkgap system can serve the safety and security needs of banks, business owners, churches, convenience stores, credit unions, day care centers hospitals, industrial plants, medical clinics, neighborhoods, pharmacies, private schools, and others who may be at risk for armed robbery, burglary, fire, or vandalism

If you would like to know more, please visit Do a good thing for your community.  Tell your Mayor and council that your department supports the program.  Email us at or give us a call at 205.854.2611 for more information.