Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Safe School products introduced

Falcon Direct has been helping to make schools safer for almost a decade!  We have recently completed a listing of our Top 10 products for school safety.  As expected, 2-way radios are at the top of the list. What may not be expected are the incredibly low prices for military grade full featured radios with prices beginning at just $135.  Some of the more interesting products include the incredible VanCam for student transport vehicles, an emergency call button system for administrative offices, a low cost fixed radio for offices and remote classrooms plus much, much more.  Additional information is available at

Monday, November 24, 2008

Top Ten Fire Products by Falcon Direct

Many fire department users are receiving Assistance to Firefighter grants.  As a result, we have been asked to make our recommendations for our best choices in mobile, pager, portable, and repeater station equipment as well as vehicle intercoms. We added a few items of our own that we feel are especially well suited for fire department use.  

We thought you might like to see our top ten choices.  Some, if not all, of them may be new to you.  You can check them out at Hope you find this information useful, and oh, by the way - Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vehicle camera competitive comparisons

We are very much aware.......

of our competition including the low cost suppliers such as Martel and Super-Circuits, either of whom can provide a vehicle camera system for under three thousand dollars, or even two thousand dollars.  So can we, if we reduce the recording time capacity, cut our warranty in half, take away the features you need, trash customer service, and leave you on your own for installation and maintenance.

We understand the Digital Ally concept of the all-in-one DVR, monitor and rear camera.  So what if you have a monitor that you can barely see and a rear view camera that views only the upper body and not what’s going on in the back seat?

We are familiar with the various recording technologies including DVD’s which were never designed for mobile recording use and can lose critical data, mobile hard drives that won’t work below 32 degrees and low capacity 1 or 4 GB compact flash memory cards that require constant removal and archiving.  We are aware of the applications of wireless data downloading as well as the problems many users have experienced.

We know the benefits of GPS for marking evidence scenes and establishing point of presence.  What we also know, that others apparently do not, is the significant benefits available through the proper use of GPS for full time vehicle tracking and administration and how you can have this capability without paying any more (actually often less) than other systems by Interceptor and WatchGuard.

We are aware of the benefits associated with systems by Integrian and Mobile Vision (as well as some of the shortcomings) and we have the capability to match the features of these high end systems (such as wireless downloading), but we think our own System III offers a significant cost advantage coupled with some major administrative advantages.

We interviewed police departments all over Alabama, large and small to determine what users like you really wanted.  The response was good video quality, simple operating requirements, reduced cabin clutter in the driver compartment, secure and simple data transfer, minimal operations workload, reliability, fast and affordable service when required, useable GPS capability, a good rear camera that records the full back seat area, low light level capability for both the front and rear cameras and simplified pricing.  The result is known as System III. For more information, please visit

System III is a simple, affordable, and efficient vehicle camera system that has been designed for YOUR needs, not some razzle dazzle techno golly box that is a maintenance and/or operational nightmare. 

We have gone to significant effort to make sure that you have ALL the facts before purchasing a vehicle camera system.  A low initial purchase price is long forgotten after you learn that you could have enjoyed the best for less.  The simple fact is that we can reduce administrative requirements, simplify operation, keep maintenance costs to a minimum, and give you the evidence you need at reasonable cost even though we haven’t been in business since 1957 (Actually, only since 1989).

One of the lower priced suppliers invites you to ask a single question before purchasing a vehicle video system – How long have you been in business?  The fact of the matter is that vehicle cameras didn’t exist in 1957 and if length of time in business was an acceptable method for evaluating the capability, we would all be driving GM vehicles instead of watching their bail out request hearings on TV.  We say, Look at the rest, then choose the best – System III from Falcon Direct!  A product brochure is available at  

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New E-Vision System for Prisoner Transport Vehicles

The use of vehicle camera systems in law enforcement vehicles has proven to be very beneficial in reducing litigation costs and improving administrative control.  Similar technology can now be used in prisoner transport vehicles to enhance officer safety while providing better administrative control.  The new E-Vision surveillance and tracking system monitors and records all activity in the prisoner transport area as well as continually recording vehicle travel.

A 5' monitor mounted in the driver compartment allows viewing of the prisoner(s) at all times. In addition, all activity is recorded and saved to a Compact Flash (CF) card with up to 8 hours or recording time.  Data from the CF cards can be viewed using an on board Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the vehicle monitor or transferred to a standard Windows PC using a CF card reader supplied with the system.  No expensive back office equipment or monthly service charges are applicable.

Monitoring of prisoner activity is of significant benefit, but that is just part of the capability of the E-Vision System.  This incredible system monitors and records all vehicle activity including stops, travel routes and speed.  The same CF data card can be used to view all vehicle traffic activity, a tremendous administrative tool!  Additionally, if your vehicle is involved in an accident, you'll have evidence you need in the event of litigation.  The price is right!  The benefits are incalculable!  Additional information is available at

Friday, November 7, 2008

On-Site Communications Update

Some people don't know that there is an American communications manufacturer that actually makes their products in the USA (Carmel, Indiana to be exact) employing American workers (not a single "undocumented worker" in the whole plant).  The company, Ritron Inc., is named after the founder, Bill Rice.  It is still a family owned company specializing in developing and producing unique products to serve specialized communications needs.

We were recently asked to effectively explain what these products do, how they work together, how they are applied for the benefit of prospective users, and to provide simple and complete pricing information.  By the way, we had to condense the whole thing down to two pages!  Surprise, surprise - we did it!  If you are involved in any endeavor that could benefit from improved on-site communications, we think you find this information helpful in obtaining better administrative control, enhanced safety, and an improved ability to better serve those you serve.  Complete information is available at

New EMS products announced at AARS Conference!

Candice Niedermeir (0n the right) and Joy King (On the left) are enroute today to attend the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads conference in Mobile, AL representing Falcon Direct. They will be introducing and re-introducing special products and services especially suited to the needs of emergency medical operations. An overview of our offerings is available on line at Some of the items and services, you may have seen before, some are brand new, and that is our subject for today!

One of our new products is the E-Vision Vehicle surveillance and tracking system. This incredible product monitors and records all activity in the patient transport area as well as tracking and recording every move by emergency vehicles for playback as required. Not only is E-Vision a great administrative tool, it is extremely valuable in litigation issues. The complete system is well under two thousand dollars which is about a fifth the cost of going to court as a result of a case charging negligence or accidents involving emergency vehicles. You can learn more about E-Vision at

We are also making a special offer to introduce our EMS users to the benefits of digital communications. We have purchased a quantity of ICOM radios capable of operating on standard, narrow band, or very narrow band channel spacing in either an analog or digital mode (or both) at a very good price. We are ready to pass the savings on to our customers by offering TWO radios for the price of one! Additional information is available at This offer ends November 30, 2008 or upon depletion of stock. Call us at 800.489.2611 or email sales@falcondirect.comTODAY!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Radio Rental Program for the holidays!

Retail merchants and others involved with pre-Christmas activities often have temporary needs for portable 2-way radios.  We've got them at the lowest prices in the USA!  Complete information is available at with monthly rates as low as $39 monthly or $19 weekly.

If you have a short term need for rental radios, give us a call at 205.854.2611,toll free at 800.489.2611, or email  We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

B-STock Program Announcement

Our November Newsletter is now posted at  One of the main news items is the introduction of our new B-Stock Program (  For the first time ever, you will find 5 watt VHF portable radios for as little as $89, UHF Motorola mobiles for under $200, and even the popular Motorola MotoTRBO mobiles and portables for under $600, even MotoTRBO repeaters for $1,600 or LESS!

If you've been waiting for the best deal ever on HeadLine, HYT, ICOM, Motorola, Relm, and Ritron radios, this is is it!