Sunday, August 24, 2014

The KNG Series Radio By Relm Wireless - Built To Last A Long Time, like up to 82 years!

What P25 Radio Gives You The Best Value down the road?

Some would say, the Big "M".  Others (like us) would have a different answer. The fact is that there are four considerations used to evaluate "Value".  Let's start with where the product is made.  Made in America means American workers, paying taxes and purchasing goods and services in the USA.  Relm Wireless manufacturers just one thing - P25 radios, and they do it in Melbourne, FL USA!  They will be here when needed "down the road". We think that is important!

Now, let us introduce what may be a new term to you.  It's called Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF).  This relates to the time expected for the product to last based on the life of the individual components.  The KNG Series radios are built for a MTBF of 82 years of average use (or 721,058 operational hours if you prefer).  Putting it another way, 99.2% of KNG radios can be assumed to be failure free for the first year and 95% are failure free after ten years! So, the longer the MTBF, the more reliable the product.  Only Relm publishes this information.  Wonder why?

The third consideration is the purchase and maintenance cost.  Based on GSA pricing, KNG radios are hundreds of dollars less than comparable Big "M" products.  So it's good to save money up front, but what about "down the road"?  We know that the KNG radio is less likely to need repair so repair cost will be lower.  How much lower?  Consider this - The efficient repair of P25 radios requires highly trained (think expensive) technicians and VERY expensive test equipment which is generally beyond the means of the average radio dealers repair shop.  The result is that most repairs on P25 radios are made at factory repair depots with cost based on flat rate service.  A flat rate repair on a Big "M" portable is $394.  A flat rate repair on a KNG portable is $190, less than HALF the cost of repairing a Big "M" portable.

So far, a KNG radio is the clear winner on three of four considerations used to determine value. So how about the fourth? Glad you asked!  The fourth consideration is the cost of SUPPORT! Anyone who has ever owned a Big "M" product knows that you pay for firmware upgrades, software upgrades and technical support after the warranty period.  With KNG radios, you don't pay for support - It's FREE for the life of the product!  The winner by a knockout is KNG radios by Relm Wireless by any standard of comparison, but that's only part of the story.

There is a lot more to the Relm Wireless story.  If you like videos, click here for the story in short form. If you like charts and graphs and technical stuff in a downloadable file, click here. Or, if you would like for us to mail you a nice copy printed on high grade glossy paper, with a nice cover and ring bound for easy reading just give us a call and we'll mail you a copy - FREE! Our phone number is 800.489.2611, or you can contact us by email - AND, if you would like a demo, that can be arranged as well.  You're gonna love the KNG P25 radios from Relm Wireless and Falcon Direct - GUARANTEED!