Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet Sheriff David Clarke - Winner of our August Attaboy Award!

Congratulations to Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., winner of our Attaboy award for August 2014.  Sheriff Clarke is a Democrat, yet he is backed by the National Rifle Association.  He is not your average Democrat! The party elite didn't want him reelected for an additional term (he has been Sheriff since 2002).  Out of state support for his opponent came from the likes of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's political action committee with over $150,000 contributed for TV attack ads. That was more than the combined total spent on advertising by BOTH democratic candidates!

But Sheriff Clarke prevailed over his opponent to the be the Democratic candidate in the November elections virtually assuring reelection since there is no Republican opponent.  The curious thing is that former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson urged Republican voters to vote for Sheriff Clarke in the Democratic primary last evening (This is legal in Wisconsin).  So what does that have to do with our bestowing an Attaboy Award to Sheriff Clarke?  Simply this.......

Sheriff Clarke advocates an armed citizenry (as guaranteed by our Constitution) being the front lines for defense against crime and hazards.  We agree with this position.  The fact is that traditional security systems, 911 reporting, and centralized dispatching simply does not work in true emergency situations.

A prime example of the power of active citizens is demonstrated in our SafeCity program as it relates to Church arson and fires.  By utilizing local resources, response time can typically be reduced from ten minutes or more to less than two minutes!  Additional information is contained in our August eNewsletter. Click here for the full story.

Sheriff Clarke is a worthy recipient of this months Attaboy award.  Thank you Sheriff Clarke for standing up for the right thing, even when your own political party threw you under the bus.  Keep on keeping on Sheriff Clarke!  We need more people like you! And on a closing note, Switzerland, ranked as one of the ten safest nations in the world REQUIRES gun ownership and mandatory military training.  They understand, as should we, that a trained militia and an involved citizenry is a strong deterrent to crime.