Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Small Town America - We help make them safer!

Welcome to Piedmont Alabama, USA

This is the picture of small town USA.  Population - A little less than 5000, mostly good, hardworking, church going folks.  That is the very reason that burglars and robbers will often target smaller communities like Piedmont.

Most of us would think that the main targets for armed robbery would be banks, credit unions and retail stores.  The fact is that governmental offices (court clerks, county license & tax offices, and utility offices may often have significant amounts of cash on hand.  Worse yet, these offices often have no way to get help in a hurry.

Where there is cash, there is the potential for robbery.  The average response time for a emergency call through a commercial security system is ten minutes or more.  The average robbery is committed less than three minutes.  Burglaries take a little longer - around four minutes. 

Piedmont Mayor Bill Baker decided to do something about this situation. All municipal offices in Piedmont are now protected by a new wireless emergency call system known as HelpAlert. This system, using personal emergency call buttons, can alert the police department in less than five seconds! This means police officers can potentially be on the scene in less than a minute!  That changes the odds a lot!  This may be a good thing to do in YOUR city.  Additional information is available by clicking here. Or, if you would like a demonstration, just give us a call at 205.854.2611.