Monday, August 18, 2014

Want a safer school?

Get Help in a hurry with HelpAlert!

When you have trouble in the front office, get help at the press of a button with HelpAlert! The incredible HelpAlert is no larger than a small desk calculator.  It requires no AC power (operates for up to a year or more from six AA batteries and it tells you when it's time to replace the batteries). Click here for more information.

Just place HelpAlert in on or under your desk.  When you need help, just push the red button. HelpAlert silently transmits an emergency message such as Assistance needed at Greenville Middle School to radios used by school staff, SRO's, or to participating local police departments. Call us at 800.489.2511 for more information on the No Time For Crime Program.  If you are already using two way radios in your school, we can generally program the HelpAlert on your existing frequency.  

If you are not yet using two way radios, we will give you your first radio FREE with your purchase of a HelpAlert.  Even if you are already using two way radios, we will give you the incredible TC-320 - the lightest, littlest, loudest personal two-way radio available anywhere for FREE!

So, here's the deal!  The price of the HelpAlert is just $349, available in your choice of UHF or VHF - same price!  If you choose the UHF model, you get a TC-320 (Click here for more information) FREE (A $149 value!).  If you use VHF radios, or want more power and longer battery life, choose the TC-508 (A $220 value) for only $50 (Click here for more information on the TC-508). 

If you want a safer school, you can get started for as little as $349, and we've got some other great ideas to help make YOUR school, public or private, a lot safer for students and staff.  Give us a call today to order a HelpAlert for your school.  It's a great step toward getting started to better school safety.  Our number is 800.489.2611 or email  We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!  Candice Staggs and Joy Jones
 - At your service! If you are ready to order, just click here! Thanks!  We appreciate you!