Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mississippi Preparedness Summit - Day 2

Today, April 18, is the BIG day at the Summit Conference in Biloxi! This will our last day here, so we decided to make it a very special day for our friends with the Mississippi Hospital Assn. by making a VERY special offer.  Through the end of May, 2013, we are offering the Thales Liberty  quad band Emergency Room Communicator that can communicate on the hospital VHF radio system, all the UHF MedNet frequencies, all the Amateur VHF and UHF frequencies, the MISWIN 700 MHz system as well as conventional or trunked, analog or P25 digital radios systems in the 800 MHz bands - even VHF marine frequencies and interoperable channels!

Best of all we can do it for just $7,499 INCLUDING our new discone all band antenna, a three year factory warranty AND installation anywhere in Mississippi!  That's Candice Staggs, our go to gal holding the Liberty ER communicator.  Directly behind the radio is the all band discone antenna.  Makes quite a package doesn't it?

By the way - directly across the aisle from us is the Alpha Cognetics booth.  They have an incredible new low frequency HF radio antenna that you need to see!.  Most low frequency HF antennas are a mass of wires that are easily blown away in a major storm.  The EH antenna won't blow away, and it is easy to install.  We can do the installation for you at very reasonable cost if you wish.  Falcon Wireless is a leading installer of HF radio antennas in Alabama and we are ready to serve YOU as well.  

Before the day is done, if you are in Biloxi, stop by and see us.  Take a look at the American made KNG-P800 portable radio.  Compare it to any 700 MHz radio.  You'll see why it is a winner by unanimous decision.  Click here for more information. 

While you are at the booth, ask Brenda Jackson to tell you all about the Cache Kit, the portable emergency command center that can serve up to six incident command officers with quad band portables.  You get six radios, covered by a three year warranty, a six unit multiple charger, and a rugged Pelican travel case for $36,000.  Nothing else can do as much with anywhere near the capability of the Cache Kit.  Check it out - you'll see!

For our law enforcement friends, we are demonstrating a dandy little portable radio that is ideally suited for reserve officers.  Ask Candice to show you our new CS100 portable radio.  There is nothing else quite like it anywhere.  It costs just $149.  The replacement battery is a little more than other radios ($89) but with the battery comes a free repair if needed, new antenna, knobs, and clip, even a new case if required.  No other radio is less expensive to use or maintain except our new dual band radio which has the same battery/service program.

And, one last thing - if you happened to miss our blog of yesterday, check out our special school safety plan by clicking here.  We KNOW how to make schools safer!