Friday, April 19, 2013

Mississippi Preparedness Summit - Day 3

Life has been interesting in lower Mississippi today!  Those who stepped out into the parking lot this morning were greeted with seven inches of water!  The storms came through last night and they are still coming! The Preparedness Summit was scheduled to run though noon today, but most of the vendors and many attendees got on the road early to return home today.

Today was the day we planned to introduce a special product for our firefighter friends.  Technically, it is known as the Multi Voice Radio MVR900 system.  Operationally, it is a lifesaver!  Here's how it works. The incident commander is equipped with an MVR900, connected to their 2-way radio.  First line firefighters are equipped with MVR900's only, along with a choice of dual muff headsets, throat mics, or earpieces. NO RADIO IS REQUIRED for the firefighters!

All MVR900 units operate in a full duplex hands free mode.  NO FCC LICENSE, PTT or VOX REQUIRED! The firefighters can hear everything from dispatch or other 2-way radios by way of extension through the incident commanders radio. They can talk to the incident commander AND dispatch or other 2-way users on the regular 2-way radio channel, or privately among themselves between MVR900's!

The range of the system is up to three quarters of a mile, even inside buildings!  The MVR900 system is the perfect solution to poor communications inside buildings.  The price is right as well!  The MVR900 command unit with a connector cable to any 2-way radio is just $1,348 excluding the cost of the desired headset.  The firefighter units are just $1,199 subject to substantial discounts for volume purchases. Audio accessory headsets range from $79 for a throat microphone, or $199 for a dual muff headset, up to $299 for an earbud headset.  That's a lot less than you would normally pay for similar audio accessories even though the MVR900 audio accessories offer superior quality and performance!

Unlike ordinary 2-way radios that only talk one at a time (not a good thing in an emergency situation) the MVR900 system lets all involved personnel talk just like a telephone conference call.  And, the system can connect not only to a 2-way radio, but to a cell phone as well! This makes the MVR900 also well suited for hospital emergency response teams, industrial workers, and law enforcement SWAT teams! 

For more information on the Multi Voice Radio system, click here.  For more information on the MVR900 and  accessories, click here.  If you would like to see a demonstration of this incredible new system, call us at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to Get ready for an introduction to the future in personal communications!