Monday, April 15, 2013

New EvacAll for wireless mass notification - Indoors or Outdoors

Falcon Direct announces the availability of the EvacAll wireless mass notification system for quickly alerting large numbers of people in times of emergency.  The EvacAll system is especially designed for manufacturing plants subject to compliance with OHSA safety standards for mass alerting.

EvacAll provides three methods of alerting - a flashing strobe light, an audible alert tone, and a voice message.  The system uses a wireless VHF or UHF receiver, coupled to an internal message recorder and playback unit through a high powered audio amplifier and directional horn speaker for maximum audio in noisy areas.

No wiring is required.  No FCC license is required, although the system can be used in conjunction with  existing licensed VHF or UHF radios systems.  EvacAll units simply plug in to available AC outlets.  Activation is by one or more associated portable 2-way radios. Priced at under $1,000 per speaker location, the system complies with all OSHA safety standards and is considerably less expensive than conventional wired PA systems.

Primarily designed for manufacturing plants, EvacAll is equally effective in all types of buildings where large numbers of people are in the area.  Golf courses, marinas, RV parks, recreational areas, and schools and just a few of the many locations that can benefit from the installation of EvacAll.

Additional information is available on request by call 800.489.2611, or dropping us an email to