Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mississippi Preparedness Summit - Day 1

April 17th was the opening day of the Mississippi Preparedness Summit in Biloxi, MS.  Dr. Earl Suttle, shown at the right was the opening keynote speaker.  His presentation alone should have made the trip worthwhile for attendees.

This was to be the day we made an major announcement of behalf of Thales Communications, manufacturer of the American made quad band portable radio.  Unfortunately, the Thales factory rep was unable to join us until after mid day so we postponed release of details until tomorrow.  We'll tell you more then.

Our revised schedule allowed us to introduce a unique new product for improving school safety.  Actually, it's not a product.  It's a part of an overall plan for improving school safety that is effective and affordable. The new SafeSchools plan involves not only schools, but law enforcement and the entire community.  If you would like to know more, click here.  Tomorrow, we'll tell you about a unique solution for hospital emergency communications.