Saturday, April 27, 2013

Radios not working too well after narrow banding?

As some of us knew, and more are coming to know - Narrow banding DOES reduce operating range for 2-way radios.  There are many solutions (we've got them all), but we have one that is especially well suited for rural fire departments. It's called a Bluetooth mobile!

Bluetooth mobile are like most other mobiles with 50 watts of power, available in VHF or UHF with up to 128 channels.  What makes the Bluetooth mobile unique is the wireless speaker-microphone shown at the left.  With a range of up to 300 feet from the mobile, this is ideal radio for fire ground incident commanders.

The main problem with narrow banding is loss of range on portables.  The mobile, in most cases still work work.  With a Bluetooth mobile, you can have the power of a mobile IN YOUR HAND! The Bluetooth mobile is also well suite for rural law enforcement officers, utility workers, and the list goes on!  Normally priced at just $730, the Bluetooth mobile is no more than other top quality mobiles, but through the end of June, we are offering a special low introductory price of just $449!

If you are having a narrow band problem that involves just a few vehicles, the Bluetooth mobile may be your narrow band solution.  You don't have to worry about the range of hand held radios. You may not even need one!  Additional information is available at or by calling 800.489.2611.