Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Siemens Energy chooses Falcon Wireless for improved plant safety

Siemens Energy is all about employee safety. That's why Todd Irgens, Employee Health and Safety Manager teamed up with Daryl Montgomery, Facilities Manger of the Richland, Mississippi plant to come up with a simple, efficient, and affordable way to allow production workers to quickly get assistance when needed.

After reviewing the requirements of OSHAS 18001 (Click here for more information), it was determined that electronic wireless call boxes could be located through the plant production area to allow employees to summon assistance at the press of a button.  Falcon  Wireless offered such a product, but Siemens wanted special features that were not available in the standard production models.  So, we custom built it!  It's called an Emergency Alert Station (EAS).   

We produced a prototype in 30 days and shipped the first twenty units within 30 more days. We only had one glitch. The units were personally delivered in lightly packed boxes.  Two layers of units were placed in two large boxes.  It never crossed our mind that the call buttons might be accidentally depressed by the weight and motion of the top units.  Suffice it to say that accidental activation was more than a possibility.  There was also some concern as to whether the EAS units would cover the entire plant. This proved not to be a valid issue.

As I approached the plant, over ten miles away, calls started coming through on the plant 2-way radios  - Assistance needed in reception area.  This calls continued until I pulled up in the parking lot.  Todd and Daryl were waiting for me.  They even unloaded the units (I guess to keep me from compounding the error).  All ended well.  The EAS units were capable of covering the entire plant area and a WHOLE lot more!.  

BTW, we can help with other issues that may be important to you, such as proper FCC licensing for 2-way radios, OSHA requirements for mass notification, hearing protection, and much, much more.  We also have some useful tips on how to select the best 2-way radios with the lowest total cost and the least downtime.  Additional information is available at iinfo4u.us/Plant-Safety-Products.pdf

If you are involved in manufacturing activities, subject to the requirements of OSHAS 18001, you might want to take a look our Emergency Alert Stations for your plant.  We'll be glad to provide additional information and a demonstration.  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611