Monday, October 6, 2014

Falcon Wireless Announces AlarmPlus!

Most banks, credit unions, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other locations at high risk of robbery and burglary are "protected" by a commercial alarm service.  The fact is that they are NOT adequately protected. The reason being that the average armed robbery is completed in a little under three minutes.  Burglary takes a little longer, typically around four minutes,  The problem is that the average response time for city crime is ten minutes and MUCH longer in rural areas!

Adding an AlarmPlus can often reduce response times to two minutes or less for a one time cost of as little as $445. That's typically less than the deductible for the average commercial insurance policy. You still get to keep your commercial alarm service for your security blanket. All the features still work the same way. All the sensors and personal call buttons work as they always did. Your calls will still be dialed into an alarm center that will answer, verify, and notify 911 who will then dispatch the call to you local law enforcement agency. The difference is that your participating law enforcement agency can be notified in less than 10 seconds by AlarmPlus!

Your alarm service contractor can connect AlarmPlus in just a few minutes and you will be in business.  There are no monthly fees and no contracts.  All that is required is an agreement with your local law enforcement agency and/or other members of your business community.  Don't worry about the details - We take care of everything!  Want to know more?  Click here for a short video that provides an overview of our services along with an appointment scheduler for a demonstration and additional information.  If you prefer, just give us a call at 800.489.2611.