Sunday, April 13, 2014

Non-Union Southeastern Automotive Parts Manufacturers Targeted By OSHA

Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby (R) charges foul against OSHA program that targets Region 4 non-union auto parts manufacturers. The shift of automobile manufacturing from the Midwest to the Southeast might partly be attributed to lower wage and benefit cost, and it may be that worker safety may not have yet achieved the levels of the more mature Midwestern plants, which is debatable.

Ms. Roby's complaint is that OSHA is targeting southeastern non-union plants for inspections under standards differing from those applied elsewhere.  She makes a good point when she notes that union representatives are allowed to accompany OSHA inspectors under the guidelines of the Regional Emphasis Program. Additional information is available by clicking here.  

Our reason for posting this information is to make our manufacturing customers in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi aware of these targeted inspections and ways that we can assist in meeting the new inspection standards as defined by OHSAS 18001.  For those not familiar with this new standard, additional information is available by clicking here.  In summary, the new standards add increased focus on worker involvement in providing improved safety whereas the older ISO 9001 reflects a primary emphasis on quality and environmental issues as applicable at the plant management level. A copy of the slides used at a recent training session on the subject of OHSAS 18001 by representatives of the Alabama Technology Network (ATN) is available by clicking here.

In addition to offering a complete line of wireless solutions for notification and exchange of information (including paging, analog and digital 2-way radio, and even WiFi radio), we offer an incredible new product known as an Emergency Broadcast Transceiver and an even newer product specifically designed to allow workers to report operational, medical, and hazard notification at the push of a button.  Additional information is available by dropping us an email to If you are involved in manufacturing, you need to know about how we can help you maintain the highest safety and efficiency levels possible!  

To help us help you in preparing for the best outcome for your forthcoming OSHA inspection, we have a special questionnaire available by clicking here.  Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and return to us.  It WILL be worth your time!  As always, we are available to assist in any way possible by calling 800.489.2611.