Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking for a solution to loss of range caused by narrow banding?

A special message for Fire Departments!

Everyone knows there is always more than one way to solve a problem. We also know that the first solution is not always the right solution. That's why we went to some of our customers and asked the question - What is the major negative impact of narrow banding on your radio system?

The two biggest problems reported were (1) loss of portable talk-back range in remote areas, and (2) Missing calls from dispatch on pagers/radios in remote areas.   

We then reviewed some of the available options to solve the problem.  The cost estimates, depending on the proposed solution offered by local area radio dealers and manufacturers, ranged from a high of $69,000 to a low of $22,500 for a department operating four mobile radios and a mix of twenty five pagers and radios.  We came up with a better way, and it qualifies for AFG funding in the 2014 grant application period expected to open within a few weeks.

Our solution for this same application can provide better coverage to an from dispatch plus the ability to push dispatch paging calls to cell phones as an email or text message.  In other words, we have ADDED redundancy to make sure that everyone gets the call, every time! Better yet, there are NO monthly charges.  You pay no more than $6,699 one time to take care of BOTH major narrow band issues (assuming a department with four mobiles and twenty five pager/radios - slightly more for larger departments) PLUS adding a free secondary dispatch message delivery system!

In addition, we have prepared a free AFG grant application planner with some great ideas on improving your communications while simultaneously better serving your community, getting a better ISO rating and improving firefighter safety. A copy is available by written request to