Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New NeighborNet System helps make communities safer!

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It's called a Hornet! The Hornet can call for help, receive calls for help, and manage calls for help.  It is part of an incredible new system called NeighborNet.  The Hornet is for protecting and aiding people.  A companion product called the Harkener is for protecting places and property.  Together, they work within a network system known as the Hive.

The NeighborNet system was developed in cooperation with municipal agencies wishing to make their communities better and safer places to live, work, and play.  Those agencies who choose to work with us are then able to develop working relationships with the educational, governmental, institutional, merchant and neighborhood participants. The objective is to provide better protection for people, places, and property while simultaneously planning for mass emergencies.

The cost for infrastructure averages around eleven dollars per citizen. An example is the Woodlawn community within the City of Birmingham, Alabama with a population of a little more than 11,000 residents residing in an area encompassing over 4,800 square miles.

Once the infrastructure is in place, a variety of services can be offered. For example a personal wireless call button system is available that can cut response time in emergency situations from an average of around 10 minutes with a commercial alarm system to an average of 4 minutes or less with no commercial alarm system required. The cost of the call button is only $300 and there are no monthly fees.

If you are involved in municipal government, we urge you to consider establishing a NeighborNet network in your community. The benefits far outweigh the one time initial cost, and there may be federal grant money available with up to 75% of the cost eligible for funding. Additional information is available at