Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Hospital + small radios = More efficiency, safety, and savings!

Hospitals have very special communications needs.  Personal 2-way radios are used by administrators, clinical technicians, housekeeping, maintenance personnel, nurses, security, patient transport, emergency room and operating room personnel, along with Code Blue teams, anesthesiologists, lab technicians, even doctors (along with some others that we may have overlooked).

Unfortunately, HIPAA requirements, multi-shift operations, battery life, purchase and operating cost, coverage in large multiple buildings, and user reluctance to wearing bulky radios that stab the wearer in ribs, all contribute to the problems facing hospital administrators today. You may find it hard to believe, but a three hundred dollar radios addresses and deals with ALL these issues! It's called the PD362 by Hytera Communications.

Lets, review the problems and solutions solved with the PD362.  Let's start with battery life. There are no batteries that can operate 24/7.  Batteries have to be charged.  Some can be charged in one to three hours.  Others take longer.  Traditionally, batteries are changed at the end of shifts.  This causes a lot of mechanical wear and broken battery retainers.  The better solution is to use different radios for each shift.  That isn't practical for radios costing, six hundred dollars or more.  It makes perfect sense for a three hundred dollar radio which can serve three shifts with just two radios required for 24/7 operation.  Just change radios every 12 hours and you are never out of service with no battery changing!

Older analog radios wouldn't cover the St. Vincent's campus even with repeaters.  With the PD362, there are no dead areas and all communications are encrypted in digital format for HIPAA compliance.  Routine messages can be handled in a text format in complete privacy and the PD362 is SMALLER and LIGHTER than a voice message pager!  Better yet, there is no stick in the ribs antenna - not 7 inches, not 3.5 inches, but just 1.5 inches, and formed to fit the contours of your body! Oh, by the way, did we mention that the PD362 can operate on both digital AND analog frequencies anywhere in the UHF 430-470 MHz band?  It can! Click here for full specifications!

Here's another plus!  Users can be segmented into separate work groups even though they are on the same frequency and two groups can be communicating at the same time on the same channel!  And maintenance cost?  Not a problem!  The PD362 is covered by a three year factory warranty, and we can handle repairs  with next day exchange with our exclusive TimeShare program!  Want to know more?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email to You're gonna love the PD362!