Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World's smallest and most affordable 2-way radio base station!

A common practice of public safety two-way radio users is to either use telephone sized desk controllers to avoid the clutter of using radios in administrative offices or dispatch positions. Industrial and institutional 2-way radio users typically use a portable radio, sitting in a charger 24/7. Unfortunately, most don't know about a better alternative called Z-Call.

Z-Call is a complete two-way radio with power supply that requires no external antenna or even a desk microphone.  The whole package is smaller than a desk calculator. The price is about the same as a typical portable radio with no batteries to replace and a flat rate repair program that guarantees minimal down time and low operational costs.  Both VHF and UHF models are available. As for operating range, let us tell you a little story of how Z-Call  was used to solve a BIG problem.

A public safety user called last Friday requesting service on a desk top remote that would no longer send page calls to alert fire pagers.  The problem was that the remote unit controlled both fire and police dispatch.  It could not be removed and the cost of on-site maintenance to a location 40 miles away is expensive.  So what did we do?  We programmed a Z-Call station (they can send page tones), sent it by UPS for next day arrival and the problem was solved for less than the cost of a repair!  But there is more to this story!

While we were testing the Z-Call, inside our building, using a rubber duck antenna, we set off the customers pagers over 40 miles away!  Normally, their car radios can't talk back from our office!  If you need an office base station, a back up station, or you are sick of paying for the high cost of on-site maintenance, and/or replacement batteries; you need to learn more about Z-Call. That's easy to do!  Just give us a call at 205.854.2611 or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com.