Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sometimes things don't go well in the courtroom!

When the City of Gadsden Alabama moved into their new Judicial Center, we were there with them to make sure that it would be one of the safest and most efficient courtroom complexes in the USA.

They have a LOT of clients!  Sometimes, they are so numerous that there is no place to put them all. So when the hallways fill up, the overflow is directed to move outside.  So the question is, how do you let them know when it's time to appear?

The answer is that you install a LoudMouth wireless PA system controlled by judicial staff members equipped with 2-way radios.  Two speakers were provided - one for persons outside set for sufficient volume to be heard anywhere in the parking area, and another used inside.  It works like a charm and it didn't cost much money!

And, speaking of 2-way radios, they have another function besides controlling the wireless PA system.  They can also be used for communicating between court officers AND for reception of emergency calls from wireless call buttons used within the courtrooms, at the reception area, and the finance office.  Life in the courthouse doesn't have to be complicated or unsafe.  All you need is a number to call for the information you need to make YOUR courtroom safe.  That number is 800.489.2611, where you can talk to the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Falcon Community Services. Our job is providing simple solutions for serious situations!

Photo courtesy of Memphis Commercial Appeal