Sunday, July 20, 2014

HelpAlert program improves safety in municipal buildings!

Falcon Community Services made the news last week! You may recall our Doofus Award for last month given to the State of Ohio for their investment in a school safety program that is a waste of taxpayer funds.  It's OK to point out waste of taxpayer funds, but it's better to report responsible spending and examples that can be followed by others.

This month, our Bouquet Award is given to the Mayor and Council of the City of Weaver Alabama. These folks came together to address the need for improved safety in the City Hall and Seniors Center. The HelpAlert program was developed to serve community needs, both at the municipal government level as well as addressing the needs of schools, churches, merchants, and residential communities.  Click here to see what one community did for a very small investment.

The system installed for the City of Weaver, Alabama was designed not only for immediate needs, but for growth to serve the total needs of the community, including the update of municipal hazard mitigation safety plans.  If you would like to know more about the HepAlert program, drop us an email to