Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're starting Christmas a little early this year!

Two problems with Christmas:
It doesn't  come often enough,
And,  it doesn't last  long enough!

So, we decided to fix all that by officially starting Christmas on December first and ending on December thirty first.  During this wonderful time, we are making a most extraordinary offer on our incredible new MotoTRBO compatible Hytera PD782 portable radios!

Here’s the deal!  Purchase one to nine of our new MotoTRBO compatible Hytera portable radios and get a $100 trade in for your old radio – ANY old radio!  We don’t even care if it’s working.  And, if you are a Falcon Direct customer, you are eligible for a $150 INSTANT rebate – no forms to fill out, no waiting for your money back.  You get your rebate when you make your purchase!  That’s a total of $250 off the regular price of the incredible new Hytera PD782 portable! If you are not a Falcon Direct customer, we can fix that REAL quick!

The PD782 is comparable to the Motorola XPR6550 with some important added features including a full color LCD display (You’ve got to see it to believe it) plus selectable audible or vibrate alert, plus a patented antenna design that guarantees better performance than an XPR6550 in a side by side comparison (more about this shortly).  Did we mention that you get up to 256 channels, a super low cost (and easy to use) programming kit, plus compact size and lighter weight?

Oh, by the way – did we mention that if you purchase during December 2010 that we will extend the standard three year warranty to five full years at NO EXTRA CHARGE?

And just in case you are wondering, we have quantity discount pricing in ADDITION to our trade-in and instant rebate plans.  If you purchase ten radios, we’ll throw in the eleventh radio FREE!  So what is the bottom line price?  Before answering, may we invite you to review a few informational videos to acquaint you with the PD782?  If won’t take but a few minutes, and we think you will better understand the true value of this incredible radio after viewing. Let’s start with an introduction at www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTTNGqFF7Wk and move on to reliability testing at www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ8cFXJgSog&feature=related and conclude with a recent interview with the Hytera President Andy Zhao at www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHg_UzOgbNM&feature=.  We think you’ll be impressed!

And, we’ve got a challenge for you.  We’ll put our PD782 up against the Motorola XPR6550 for a side by side test.  You pick the time and place.  If we don’t outperform the XPR6550, we’ll pay you fifty bucks for your time!  If we win, as we are sure we will, we’ll give you a price that beats the price of an XPR6550 by an IMPRESSIVE amount.  How impressive you say?  Call us at 800.489.2611 for a very pleasant shock!

We’ll help you make it a Merry Christmas with the best radio, at the best price, available anywhere – guaranteed! Call us today - you'll be glad you did!