Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s all because of SuperGirls!

We had the greatest response to our December eNewsletter of any eNewsletter we’ve ever done (and we've done a lot of them).  If you are not on our list or missed yesterday’s eNewsletter, click here!

When I say “we”, I should point out that our eNewsletter is a personal effort by the BlogMaster (that’s me), but the real credit should go to the frontline folks who work with, and take care of Falcon Direct customers.  These are the ones who make it happen – Candice, Joy, and Suzanne.  I thought it was time that they receive the credit they deserve.  So, the costumes are on order and should be here shortly.  From this point on, you’ll be dealing with SuperGirls!

The most read article in our December eNewsletter was the one announcing the special offer on the Hytera portable radio.  You may have noted that a special Instant Rebate is available ONLY to Falcon Direct customers.  If you are not a Falcon Direct customer, you can become one with the purchase of your first 2-way radio (or any other product offered).

We didn’t want you to think that the Hytera PD782 was the only portable we offer.  To the contrary, we have prepared a condensed catalog of our top five HYT-Hytera products with pricing starting at under $150!  Better yet, we are offering Instant Rebates, quantity discounts, and a trade-in program on these other products along with our satisfaction guarantee!

Additional information on HYT-Hytera products is available at  Check it out.  You are in for a very pleasant surprise.  Or, if you would just like a quick pricing guide, go to