Friday, November 19, 2010

Can We Talk?


More often than not, the answer is NO!  Wide band radios can’t talk to narrow band radios.  Police officers can’t talk to firemen, No one can talk beyond the range of their local 2-way radio system, digital radio systems can’t talk to each other, and the idea of radios talking to computers is out of the question!

Now, there is a solution.  It’s called an Eclipse2,  a super powerful repeater that is designed to provide additional features of particular interest to public safety users.  When connected to the Internet, the Eclipse2 provides a bridge between computers and radios as well as a link to other radio systems located anywhere in the world! See for more information.

If you are faced with the need to replace an existing repeater with one having narrow band and perhaps digital capability, we urge you to consider the Eclipse2 It’s a whole lot more than just another repeater, and it’s affordable!

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