Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Hytera Low Cost Wall Mount Analog/DMR IP Connectable Repeater Announced!

America's newest, low priced DMR repeater has been announced by Hytera.  The RD622 provides both analog and DMR digital capability in a compact wall mount cabinet and you have have up to 16 CTCSS codes in the analog mode to separate user groups.  No need for an external power supply - it's built in!  If you need a duplexer, that can be built in as well.

And, if you need power and reliability, the RD622 provides up to 25 watts of continuous power output with automatic battery backup switching.  If you need to extend range, just add the firmware upgrade for IP connectivity. So what does all this cost?  Just $1,903, even less for those who qualify for GSA pricing.  Everything is included with free programming on the frequency of your choice anywhere in the 400 to 470 MHz range as well as shipping anywhere in the USA.

If you want the optional internal duplexer, add just $357.  If you want optional IP connectivity, just add the IP connectivity option for only $334. For more information on the RD622, click here or give us a call at 800.489.2611.  For more information on Hytera radio products, please visit