Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alabama DHS Ready for 700 MHz Report

Our readers will recall an advisory reporting of possibly missing a Department of Homeland Security deadline requiring all States to provide or be prepared to provide substantial 700 MHz service to at least one-third of the population by June 13th of this year. Click here for a copy of that advisory.

At that time, only two Alabama counties were known to have operational 700 MHz radios systems (Baldwin with a population of 190,790 and Madison with a population of 340,080).  We have now learned that Alabama will apparently be in compliance with this mandate since Etowah county is expected to be operational shortly. This will add another 100,355 for a total population served of 634,235.

I never was too good in math, but according to my calculations, the population of the State is 4,822,000 which divided by 3 equals 1,607,300.  Based on these calculations, Alabama has less than half of the required population served, even if Etowah county comes on line in a timely manner.  Does this mean Alabama will be able to more than double the number currently served in less than four months when it has taken over six years to attain a number of less than half the requirements?

Attendees at he Wireless Communications Commission for Alabama were recently advised that contrary to the comments of "a vendor", that Alabama DHS indeed would meet the June 13th deadline. Details of how this would be done have not been forthcoming at this time.