Thursday, January 30, 2014

700 MHz Coming Soon To A City Near You!

Public safety communications users should be aware of the fact that each state in the USA has a deadline of June 13, 2014 to provide or be prepared to provide substantial 700 MHz service to at least one-third of the population of the state.  Those that do not comply could lose frequencies assigned for the development of a statewide 700 MHz system.

And, it gets more interesting!  By 2019, at least two-thirds of the population must be served.  We think this should be of interest to smaller rural counties.  Obviously, the state will focus on the big population centers first, but we feel that aggressive smaller counties are in an excellent position to request funding for single site 700 MHz repeaters.  This could be a win-win situation for the state, your county, and first responders that travel outside their home area.  An article providing more information on this subject is available by clicking here.  If you would like our thoughts on wide area interoperability, click here.