Monday, February 24, 2014

A special message for 2-way radio users with remote transmitter sites

Need to know.......
when power has failed at a remote transmitter site or a off premise unattended facility? Falcon Wireless Direct has introduced the new SiteAlert, especially designed for 2-way radio users operating off-premise repeaters or for instant power failure notification at unattended premises. The new and improved model replaces our original ACR-Plus with no increase in price! Four models are available in your choice of either VHF or UHF offering full compatibility with virtually all brands of analog radios and receivers. Prices start at just $349.

The SiteAlert Model ACR100 Plus is an efficient and affordable AC power failure reporting device that meets both ISO and NFPA power failure reporting standards. Priced at just $449, the ACR100 Plus reports both power failure and power restoration. This model is very well suited for users with generator backup since it announces power failure, power restoration when the generator comes on, and return of normal AC power. Input terminals are included for use with door alarm, motion, or smoke detection sensors to detect and report unauthorized entry, vandalism or fire.

The SiteAlert ACR100 Plus can pay for itself! To order, visit  our on-line store at Best PriceRadio. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!