Friday, June 8, 2012

A special message for 2-way repeater owners

  The cost of lightning damage is increasing every day as our changing weather patterns produce more intense storms of all types.  Many, if not most, of those storms are accompanied by lightning.  Those of us in the communications business recognize that our antennas often serve as a community lightning rod as they draw down lightning that might otherwise go to a tree.

The incredible thing is that virtually every tower site I see is not properly grounded.  Presumably this may be the result of improper planning, inadequate budgets or lack of training by both the user and the installer.  It doesn't have to be that way.

Many years ago an excellent book was published on the subject of lightning protection.  It is a worthwhile read for wireless communications technicians as well as users.  It is available on line by clicking here. Check it out.  It could save you a LOT of money!  There are other things we can tell you about that can save you money including the availability of a brand new coaxial cable lightning protector.  Call us anytime at 800.489.2611.