Sunday, June 17, 2012

Get Safety, Efficiency, and Savings with Plant Wireless systems by Falcon Direct!

Our new airtime free plant wireless systems can improve safety, increase efficiency, and save money!  If you have a communications need in a manufacturing plant, logistics center, or administrative complex; Falcon Direct has a wireless solution just for YOU!

We offer efficient and affordable personal and fixed station 2-way repeaters as well as easily installed repeaters to extend range.  Many of our products can be operated (legally) without an FCC license and the uses are limited only by your imagination!

Need to extend your PA system to a remote building?  We can do it with no wires or trenching and have the job completed before lunch.  We can even provide portable radios with the ability to access the  PA system from anywhere in the plant area!

Need to know when there is a problem on the production line?  Get help at the push of a button.  No wires required!  Need to monitor HVAC or automated equipment for failures?  Not a problem!  How about providing controlled access for gates or loading dock?  Yep, we do that do.  Want to know more?  Click here!