Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy golfers make happy golf course managers!

Short range tactical communications is a semi-military term applying to direct person-to-person communications for limited range communications.  A good example of this is a golf course where the pro shop manger needs a golf cart ready and at the door for golfer guests.

Cell phones are slow (and expensive). Traditional 2-way radios generally are not cost effective.  Shouting doesn't work, neither does running and/or searching.  So the question is, what DOES work?

We have a neat solution that doesn't cost much money and it is perfect for local area communications at golf courses, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and a host of uses that we haven’t even thought of.  Case in point, we had visitors this week from Homeland Security and the FBI and they happened to notice the neat little radios that we sell to golf courses.  As it turns out, they saw an application we had never considered.  So much for our market research…..

We have put together a rather comprehensive package for golf course management that may be of interest to others with short range tactical communications needs.  You can check it out by clicking here!  Regardless of what you do, we think you will find it be of interest if you have a need to communicate with others – quickly, reliably and inexpensively.