Sunday, June 10, 2012

Don't forget to include pagers on your AFG application!

Most pagers can not be modified for narrow band operation.  The truth is that they don't need to be!  There is no requirement to narrow band receivers; only transmitters!  So what happens if you don't narrow band your pagers?

The answer is basically nothing!  You won't be able to receive as well as you did when the associated transmitter was operating at full 25 kHz bandwidth. There is no technical reason to change to narrow band EXCEPT to reduce interference from other users on the "new" narrow band channels.  

Leaving your pagers on wide band potentially exposes you to three times more interference if you don't narrow band your receiver, but that often is not a problem in rural areas.  So the question is, do you really have to narrow band your pagers from a practical standpoint?  The answer is NO!

However, there are some really good reasons to upgrade to a new pager such as the new WatchDog M and LT Series.  There are now two different models of the WatchDog.  One of them is just right for you and they can literally pay for themselves by eliminating high maintenance cost (both models are covered by a five year warranty!).  Better yet, you'll receive your calls.  We know that Minitor V users will find this to be a pleasant surprise! 

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