Sunday, November 13, 2011

Falcon Direct Products Now Available at Amazon!

You may have heard about our new business development plan.  Candice Staggs is using Facebook to keep closer communications with those we serve, plus making special offers that are unavailable anywhere else.  Andy Rich is handling our eBay offerings with some incredible prices on demo, overstock, and trade-in equipment, and my area is handling of sales with an emphasis on sales of  HYT analog 2-way radios, Hytera digital radios, and Ritron MURS radios along with a family of products we build ourselves called AlarmAlert.

Now, the deal is that each of us is competing with the other, kind of like operating divisions in a larger company.  Each one of us pretty much runs our own operation, and like any other business division; we have a responsibility to take care of our customers while making a profit for our company.  Of the three, the one that does the best job, gets an added bonus - kind of like those Wall Street investment bankers with the difference being that we actually have (a) products (b) a conscience, and (c) we are willing to settle for a reasonable income.

On the HYT and Hytera products, I have the authority to make some incredible offers to make it worthwhile for you to shop at our store.  Take a look at our offerings.  If you see something of interest, give me a call personally, and I will tell you more about our Rebates and Rewards program, exclusively from Falcon Direct, exclusively from ME!

My name is Joy King.  My personal email address is and my direct number is 800.489.2611, Extension 10.  If you need additional information on any of our products, just type in the name of the product in the Search box at the top right hand side of this Blog page or visit our main web site or go to our general information web site.  You'll be glad you did!