Thursday, November 3, 2011

Want to put an end to copper theft?

Copper theft is an increasing problem, in particular for churches, schools, and business.  Any structure that is not occupied 24/7 is a risk from the destruction of property caused by one of the most senseless crimes imaginable.  To destroy a ten thousand dollar air conditioner for a few hundred dollars worth of copper is costing millions of dollars a year in insurance claims, deductibles, and outright loss by those who are uninsured.

Worse yet, these same thieves often enter the premises, causing even more damage. Now there is a way to fight back!  It's called AlarmAlert!  New wireless technology provides a means of sending instant notification to a participating law enforcement agency, volunteer fire department or private citizens equipped with a receiving device.

The heart of it all is a cigarette pack sized sensor as shown above that attaches to the air conditioner.  In the event of tampering, this sensor can send a voice alarm message to most VHF or UHF 2-way radios used by public safety agencies.  Within seconds, first responders can be notified and on the way!

There are no installation costs, no monthly monitoring fees, and no delays associated with third party alarm centers.  Best of all, the cost is often less that the cost of the minimum deductible for most insurance policies!  Additional information is available at  Check it out - you'll be glad you did!