Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New RDR-100 Rapid Deployment Repeater!

Franklin County EMA (Alabama) has accepted delivery of a new Rapid Deployment Repeater.  Designed and manufactured by Falcon Direct, the RDR-100 is available for VHF (Model 101), UHF (Model 102), or cross band VHF/UHF (Model 103) configurations for analog, digital or mixed mode voice operation.

The Model 101 provides Franklin County EMA with the combined capabilities of providing a 50 watt backup repeater for both fire departments and law enforcement agencies in the event of a malfunction at any of the multiple repeater sites throughout the county.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars per year for service contracts and relying or response/correction times that can run into days or weeks, Franklin County EMA now has the ability to instantly restore a malfunctioning repeater without the need for a technician.

In addition to backing up local area repeaters, the Franklin County RDR-100 has it's own backup in the form of a three year worry free warranty.  In the event of failure of the RDR-100, Falcon Direct keeps a spare repeater in stock, ready for immediate deployment when needed.

With up to 500 channel capability, the RDR-100 is capable of operating on standard 25 kHz or 12.5 kHz narrow band channels in either analog or P25 digital operating modes as well as mixed modes with both analog and digital radios operating on the same channel.

There are three ways to program the RDR-100.  We will do it for you from your list of desired channels.  Or, you can program it yourself using the programming keypads on the radios (no PC, cables, or software required), or the RDR-100 can be programmed with a Windows based  PC using an optional programming kit with cable, software, and instructions.

Flexibility in programming allows the RDR-100 to be quickly deployed for mutual aid outside of Franklin County when needed since it can be programmed on any VHF channels including Department of Homeland Security assigned interoperable channels.  When working with UHF users, an optional UHF radio module can be quickly installed to provide VHF to UHF cross band capability when needed.  

The standard RDR-100 is supplied with flexible connectors terminating into Type N male connectors for direct connection to associated antennas or duplexer (not supplied).  A complete line of antennas, cable kits, and duplexers are optionally available.

The rugged and reliable RDR-100 measures just 20" x 13" x 14" and weighs only 20 pounds including the impact and weather resistant polyethylene case.  RDR Series repeaters are designed to operate from 110 VAC or from a 12 volt DC automotive power source.  An internal 12 VDC battery is optionally available for low power emergency use.

With eight VHF repeaters currently operating in Franklin County, the RDR-100 can quickly pay for itself since the average annual contract maintenance is cost is $1,200 per year per repeater.  That equates to a potential budgetary savings of over $7,000 per year!

Maybe it's time for YOU to take a look at the RDR!  Additional information is available by calling Burch Falkner or Phil Rich at 800.489.2611 or just drop us an email to By the way, similar models are also available for DMR systems (MotoTRBO and Hytera) as well as NXDN (ICOM and Kenwood) as well as mixed analog, DMR, NXDN or P25 operation.  Call for additional information or join us on Twitter for updates at they are released.