Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Top Quality MURS Radio Now Available!

We continue to get questions about MURS radios.  Frankly, we are not surprised with the amount of information floating around on the forums and even manufacturers who present their material in such a way as to imply that a non-certified product can be used on MURS frequencies.

Let's try again to clarify the situation.  If a radio is Type Accepted by the FCC for Part 95 operation or if the radio was approved under FCC Part 90 prior to November 12, 2002, it can be used on the MURS channels IF the power does not exceed 2 watts and it is operated only in the narrow band mode.  The public safety and business band radios approved for FCC Part 90 currently being produced by Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood, and Motorola  (with the exception of the RDM2020 and RDM2080D) can NOT be used on MURS channels.

There are several notable exceptions.  The Ritron JMX-141D and 146D CAN be used on MURS frequencies.  They do meet the requirements of FCC Part 95.  The price of the JMX-141D is only $199.  It is supplied by Falcon Direct with all five MURS channels installed, as well as all NOAA weather channels, and up to five business or public safety channels. 

You can purchase the JMX-141D on line at our web store by clicking here, or if you need additional information, click here.  If you have been looking for a top quality FCC approved MURS radio, your search is OVER!

And, just in case you are wondering, we DO have a fixed station radio for office use that is approved for MURS use.  It's called the JBS-146D.  Additional information is available by clicking here, or if you are ready to purchase at the incredibly low price of just $299, click here!

P.S.  Before you ask, a radio that is Part 95A approved is NOT approved for MURS.  The Part 95A designation is for GMRS UHF radios.   If you want a top quality license free UHF radio, we offer several products that are suitable for commercial and public safety use.  You will find them on our site by clicking here

Thanks for visiting with us. As always, we consider it a privilege to provide clarification when it benefits those we serve.